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Cloned HDD Recovery Partition Nonfunctional

By tlf21stc ·
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Hello Everyone.

I have been searching all over the web for literally weeks and have made tiny incremental steps toward finding my total solution. I have successfully cloned my original factory hdd and the clone boots and runs the laptop just fine. There is one issue, though, for which I still need assistance. The Lenovo Onekey tool is unable to reboot into recovery mode to perform a factory reset. This issue does not exist on the original hdd.

After much research online, I have been able to determine that it is simply a matter of the software being "confused." The program apparently uses information within the reagentc.xml file, to know where on the hdd it will find the required recovery partitions. On the cloned drive, the reagentc.xml file needs to bu updated with the correct location /ID info for the cloned drive.

All I need now are the command line instructions (with explanations, if possible) that will allow me to correctly update the appropriate config file (reagentc.xml), so that Lenovo Onekey can find the required recovery partition(s). I ask for explanations because if I understand exactly what I am typing on the command line, and what each part of the command does, then I will be better armed for any minor issues still needing to be tweaked, and for future situations.

For those interested, I am using a Lenovo G510 i5 Win 8.1 on 500GB hdd. The clone is also 500GB, though of different brand.

Also, the cloning was performed by installing the blank (spare) 500GB in side the laptop, the original hdd into a sata->usb 2.0 external case, and booting the laptop from a freshly burned Aomei WinPE CD.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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Update for Anyone Interested

by tlf21stc In reply to Cloned HDD Recovery Parti ...

To paraphrase Mssr Holmes, once all of the lies have been proven, whatever remains, however unlikely, must be the truth.

The most common opinion stated throughout all of the comments in all of the forums to which I posted my query was that of the unlikelihood of a clone functioning differently than the original. So in my attempts to prove them wrong, I decided to verify that the original did not in fact have the same symptom as the clone.

Can somebody tell me which emoticon represents egg on one's face?

Lo and behold, the original now has the exact same issue as the clone, which proves that the popular opinion was correct and that my copy truly is an exact clone of the original.

So now my question should be "why did the original lose the ability to locate and boot into the recovery partition?" But you know what? I don't care. I was only waiting until I finished this particular project before wiping my drive and installing Linux as the primary OS, then using virtualbox to run vpc for any other OS I choose to play with.

I really appreciate all of the feedback I received. Thanks for being such a supportive group!

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