Cloned XP Pro says it is an illegal copy.

By cardenar00 ·
I have an engineering station that needs to be cloned to a newer station.I ran Ghost 10 and moved clone over to new station and then ran repair to have it install all new drivers. It came up just as all the others I have done BUT this time the OS says I an running an illegal copy? It is an OEM from Dell as all our stations are from Dell. I can't seem to clear. Has anyone seen this before?

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Not with a Dell

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Cloned XP Pro says it is ...

But I can tell you what's happening. You have WGA installed and when it sees some massive changes it spits the dummy and claims to be an Illegal Pirate Copy

If you can't get into the system you'll need to run a Repair Install as listed here

And use the product Key that came with the New System. Of course you'll need to make sure that everything is backed up and if you are running File Encryption make sure that you've either saved the data unencrypted or the Encryption keys. The directions are here on how to do that

Of course if you have got XP Home on the new system and are attempting to copy across XP Pro you'll be stuffed and your only proper alternative from there would be to go out and buy a Retail Copy of XP Pro to do the Repair Install from.

While I can understand the reason for doing this it's Technically against the EULA that you have agreed to when you originally activated Windows XP and M$ wishes to prevent this from happening as they seem to believe that they are being robbed by people Pirating their Software which you effectively are doing by cloning between different computers.

If the Repair/In place Install works you'll need to apply every Patch since that particular copy of XP was made but it should retain your existing software Load and Data but you'll loose any Encryption Keys that where previously present.

While Cloning is much faster many companies world wide have been taken to court by M$ for doing exactly what you are attempting to do and no it didn't matter that they had fully Licensed versions of XP in the strict sense of the EULA they where breaking their agreement with M$ and are guilty of a Breach of Contract with M$ so they end up paying quite a lot of money and M$ Expenses.


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Thanks HAL

by cardenar00 In reply to Not with a Dell

I finally got it working correctly. I ran the oobe and changed the key and called Microsft. They gave me a new ID and life is much better. I told them I cloned the drive and was giving the OS to the new one. Of course the orig is not to stay on the old unit as it will get a new os for another user in another department. The EULA stinks but I try and stay compliant.
Thanks again.

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