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Cloning Program From Ole System To New

By Dualinlinememorymodule ·
Im Trying To Do A Program Clone From A 9x Old System To A New XP System WIthout Using Norton Ghost To Clone HDD to HDD Or HDD TO CD
I Want To Copy All Prog Data Back Into The New System Like Toolbox A Program Just That Needs To Be Copyed Back Into A New System Running Different OS And Dun Wanna Ghost HDD TO HDD OR CD
Just Program

I Have Had Lots Of Probs

If Anyone Knows Any Progs Let Us Now Thanks

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by carlos.nino In reply to Cloning Program From Ole ...

If you take a look at this link:,4149,17360,00.asp
you will find PC-Magazine's review of 5 tools to migrate a system to a new PC. They are tools to help through the migration process in different levels of complexity. In "Table of contents" you'll see the names of the five programs.

Hope this helps you out, I know it is a **** of a process!!!

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by Curacao_Dejavu In reply to Cloning Program From Ole ...

it can not be done (effectively)and in your case even not recommended.
for one the general idea is to copy the data over and not the programs, since program installs .dll and .ini in all kind of different folders, and you ( or programs has to be able to track all of them to transfer effectively)
second: you are saying you want to transfer them to a different operating system too.
when a programs installs itself on a system , it installs the files for that particular operating system. a win98 installation uses different .dll , etc files then it's xp cousin.
so if you copy those from win98 to xp you will surely experience problems.
Not to mention that one of the main reasons to use the xp version of the program is for the stabillity of the operating system, as you know win98 is less stable than the xp, you are introducing a win98 less stable program to xp, and it could work but it will also deteriote the stabillity of the xp operating system.

as you could see in the link above (previous answer) the idea is to transfer files from the same operating system.

Hope I was clear


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by Mark In reply to Cloning Program From Ole ...

PC Relocator at

Beware, if there were alot of problems with the old system, you may want to get the higher grade version that lets you pick and choose what transfers.

This program works well, but I have had maybe 1 out of 10 give some problems by moving over problems with the program. If you have the install CDs, that is best, but if not, this really works. It will also move all the files you didn't remember to copy off.

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