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Close Circuit Television

By karen_hargrove ·
From a network administration point of view what type of support would be needed for using closed circuit televison systems used to transmit digital images to various locations. I know having the bandwidth capability is a major concern.

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Close Circuit Television

by TimTheToolMan In reply to Close Circuit Television


It depends how you implement this... If you were to go with one of the webcams available on the market today, then these effectively become an intelligent node on your network and dont require a lot of support at all. Plug it in and off it goes...

Is this for security? If so, then you'll need to consider making the camera and cabling secure otherwise in the best tradition of James Bond, somebody could insert a laptop on the cable and sniff and record what the camera sees, then disableyour camera and with the laptop, display back that prerecorded image as a spoof of your camera.

If its for a shop, then dont worry about it. Oh...unless its a jewellery shop!! :-)


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