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Closed systems that limit customer's choice

By manish_grover ·
I have been wondering about the lawsuits that Microsoft went through when it bundled Internet Explorer and Windows Media with its Windows operating system. Apparently everyone had a problem with it because Windows was the OS that the majority used.

In today's world, I use an iPhone (and together with iPad make a system which is arguably becoming the platform of choice).

In this case I am limited to the iCloud, iTunes and iPod. To be honest, I love the iPhone but hate the latest version of iTunes and iPod, and really really dislike the iTunes desktop application.

Why can't I use the Amazon service seamleslly on my iPhone. Or store my photos and videos in a more open way. Or load the digital books straight from my desktop. Is this limitation not similar to Microsoft using one device to force other choices on people?

Thoughts are appreciated.

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Why is the Pope Catholic?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Closed systems that limit ...

You are comparing Apples to something completely different and unrelated.

Microsoft was sued/litaged against for Anti Trust Monopoly Abuse which it was guilty of when it forced system makers to stop supporting Netscape and so on over the years. They didn't prevent anyone from loading Netscape but made it impossible for the System Integrators to load it. The same applied to Media Player latter when it was developed and loaded with the OS.

Apple on the other hand isn't a Monopoly in the same sense and I would argue that IOS is becoming the Platform of Choice. Droid is currently gaining on them which is something that never happened with the Windows Platform. It's never really had any serious competition and even the competition from Apple is at best small fry.

Currently Smart Phones have several different Platforms you have the RIM Platform from Blackberry, the IOS Platform from Apple, the Droid Platform from Google and the Windows Phone Platform. Just how could it be considered that the Apple Platform is a Monopoly without any serious competition?

As for others offering services for the IOS Platform they are welcome to but if they fail to see a big enough advantage or even a Business Opportunity in doing so and feel it's not worth their Time & Money in Developing whatever for that particular Platform that is their choice and under any system that is currently in use they can not be compelled to offer an Option that they feel will loose them money. For instance just how big a % of Apple Users do you honestly expect Amazon to attract?

As for Cloud Storage when it becomes more cut through and messy with fewer controls like what happened in the Dot Com Bubble I'm sure that there will be cloud providers setting up in competition to Apple and with the few customers that they attract I'm sure it's going to cost them money and make their Business Model less profitable which will place the ownership of your Stored Data at a much greater risk when their Receivers Step in and Auction off what ever they think will derive them any money. Currently as far as I know FB works fairly well on the IOS Platform on a iPhone or Pad and when you place any Pictures or for that matter anything on it you transfer ownership of those Images/Data to FB.

Is that what you really want?


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Closed systems that limit customer's choice

by manish_grover In reply to Why is the Pope Catholic?

Thanks Col. I guess you're right so far about the "not yet monopoly" part. I was trying to think about the angle where I love the phone itself, but now have to contend with the closed system for my data and choices. But a little more technical understanding is perhaps required because I think given suitable apps that hurdle may be overcome.

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