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Closing the door

By GuruOfDos ·
...after the horse has bolted.

More news about virii this week, or last week, or last month or last year for that matter.

What is wrong, in my humble opinion, is there is a fundamental fault with email per se, that allows virii to be so easily spread using personal address books and suchlike.

We are forever being told to upgrade virus protection, apply security patches and do this, that and the other to protect ourselves from security threats. Perhaps the way electronic communications works should be changed so that functionally virii are no longer an issue. The fault is not the content or the message, but the medium of it's transmission. Email is NOT secure, and never has been, and perhaps because an email sent from a pc has to be able to be read on an Amiga or a Mac or any other platform this is part of the problem, I don't know?

I'm not saying I know a solution...far from it. I just think there must be a 'better way'. Too late to prevent an outbreak after it has struck, and a gram of prevention is worth a kilo of cure, but something has gone seriously wrong if a whole industry is having to spend billions a year on treating and containing and preventing attacks.

I have converted several clients over to non-MS email solutions running on Windows platforms and their incidents of virus attack have dropped to just a few percent of their original levels under Outlook or Outlook Express. Even Eudora lets one slip past every so often, but most of the email trojans or worms seem to be targeted at MS OE or Outlook and Windows address books.

We have to send and receive some extremely secure data electronically, and POP or SMTP mail just doesn't cut it. We have other methods developed in-house which enable us to communicate via the internet, which are secure from virusses because they use completely non standard transport protocols and can't even be recognised as email.

Rather than prevent another outbreak, isn't it time to 'shoot the messenger' and replace it with somehing better?

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The truth is out there

by zlitocook In reply to Closing the door

You have just said what every O/S and software seller did not want said! Some people say there is a way around any program or O/S to hack into it. M/S is trying to cut back on sloppy programing but they are still using codes from the 80s and the 90s. I do not program but it seems that is the first place to start. If you go to the newest Linux mail it is a few day after a worm or virus finds it. Just a thought on what you posted.

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Not email system itself...

by JackOfAllTech In reply to Closing the door

but the client. The biggest problem is Outlook. While the vehicle is often HTML mail, combining that with Outlook being programmable is the killing stroke. I just don't understand why M$ doesn't just remove that function from Outlook.

If everyone used text-only clients and refused to accept HTML emails, we would eliminate 75% of all infections. If people stopped blindly opening attachments, that would eliminate another 20%.

I have been using computers for more than twenty years and I have NEVER had an infection because I follow my own advice as above.

I seriously think people should have to take a test and get a license before they're allowed to use the internet.


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Targets big and small.

by djent In reply to Closing the door

If you want to stand on a mountain top in Afganistan wearing an orange jump suit, you better have a damn good flak jacket. If not for MS crap we could all be equal targets.

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