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Closing unsed ports

By wmwphl ·
I read so much about closing vulnerable or unused ports, but never exactly where you go to do this. And how to specify, for example if you are going to close ports for only inbound traffic. Can this be only done on the router. How do you closed unsed ports on a pc is there any script to do this


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You need either a firewall or router

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Closing unsed ports

to be able to close the ports. You can get software firewalls that do this. The best idea is not to go about closing ports but to actually close everything and then open only the ports that you wish to use for the direction you wish to use them. They have incoming and outgoing options.

For example if you open port 80 for outgoing then it will only work for action that are initiated from your computer or inside the firewall. Anyone trying to access from outside will find it closed. The fact that you initiated the contact will enable the outside source to respond to you.

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