Cloud Computing using SLA

By moutalamesso ·
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is the evaluation of cloud computing can be done using sla metrics

i am doing a research to evaluate cloud computing using sla metrics but i am not knowledgeable of the area
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by help1563898615 In reply to Cloud Computing using SLA

In some sense, the SLA sets expectations for both parties and acts as the roadmap for change in the cloud service – both expected changes and surprises. Just as any IT project would have a roadmap with clearly defined deliverables, an SLA is equally critical for working with cloud infrastructure. That raises the next question in the journey: what should be in the SLA?

In order to consistently develop an effective SLA, a list of important criteria needs to be established. Let’s start with an initial list:

Availability (e.g. 99.99% during workdays, 99.9% for nights/weekends)
Performance (e.g. maximum response times)
Security/privacy of the data (e.g. encrypting all stored and transmitted data), etc.

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Counter-balance of availability / performance = budget constraints

by shadiakiki1986 In reply to SLA

Availability and performance can be served by buying the largest services available, eg from AWS. Budget limits should also be part of SLAs. This turns the SLA into an optimization with availability/performance pushing for larger services (eg larger servers) and budget constraints pushing for smaller ones, with the solution being a balance of the two.

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Cloud Computing using SLA

by jahagirdarajinkya In reply to Cloud Computing using SLA

A cloud SLA (cloud service-level agreement) is an agreement between a
cloud service provider and a customer that ensures a minimum level of service is maintained. It guarantees levels of reliability, availability and responsiveness to systems and applications, while also specifying who will govern when there is a service interruption.

A cloud infrastructure can span geographies, networks and systems that are both physical and virtual. While the exact metrics of a cloud SLA can vary by service provider, the areas covered are uniform: volume and quality of work -- including precision and accuracy -- speed, responsiveness and efficiency. The document aims to establish a mutual understanding of the services, prioritized areas, responsibilities, guarantees and warranties provided by the service provider. Metrics and responsibilities among the parties involved in cloud configurations are clearly outlined, such as the specific amount of response time for reporting or addressing system failures.

Financial penalties a provider must pay for failing to live up to the guaranteed terms are also included. These penalties are often in the form of credits for service time.

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Cloud computing using SLA

by pooja1588142131 In reply to Cloud Computing using SLA

In cloud computing services, SLA acts as a foundation for provisioning and monitoring of services and users need SLAs to mention their requirements for quality of service, security, and a backup plan for performance failure. But users are free to choose between different service providers.

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