Cloud Computing using SLA

By moutalamesso ·
is it possible to measure cloud computing using SLA? i am sure it can be possible
i am doing a research on cloud computing and its bout evaluating cloud computing using sla metrics
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Cloud Computing using SLA

by jahagirdarajinkya In reply to Cloud Computing using SLA

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is the bond for performance negotiated between the cloud services provider and the client. Earlier, in cloud computing all Service Level Agreements were negotiated between a client and the service consumer. Nowadays, with the initiation of large utility-like cloud computing providers, most Service Level Agreements are standardized until a client becomes a large consumer of cloud services. Service level agreements are also defined at different levels which are mentioned below:

Customer-based SLA
Service-based SLA
Multilevel SLA

Few Service Level Agreements are enforceable as contracts, but mostly are agreements or contracts which are more along the lines of an Operating Level Agreement (OLA) and may not have the restriction of law. It is fine to have an attorney review the documents before making a major agreement to the cloud service provider.

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