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Cloud Computing will IT departments be made obsolete

By CG IT ·
Matt Prigge of Infoworldwrote this article on how outsourcing computer networks, sometimes the entire company network, to the cloud, will impact IT jobs.

I see this happening almost every day with Small and Medium sized businesses outsourcing many of their computing needs to the cloud such as email, office applications, storage of data. SMBs that would have a IT tech employed either full time or part time, find they really don't need them anymore. Companies that would use an active directory domain because of the benefits of such, no longer needs to use it, rather their workstations are just like their computers at home. They simply connect to the cloud and do their work.

Software developers also run the risk of a complete downsizing or outsourcing of applications development, where cloud providers create applications for users.

IT as an industry is changing because of the Cloud. Where businesses used to hire IT employees, from hardware guys to software developers, they are now simply renting IT the full spectrum of IT from Cloud providers.

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Yes, this could be an issue for a a few years, BUT, unless there are

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Cloud Computing will IT ...

some very major changes to the laws, the way major government departments operate, and the way It security works, it will flow back the other way after a few places go belly up due to connectivity issues causing major loses, or senior execs got to prison for breach of various laws.

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