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Cloud Office Software Could Replace the Traditional One and Email

By yangkun ·
A new Internet-Draft about the interconnection and the interoperability of different cloud-office applications has successfully been submitted by Mr. Zhun Guo, the general manager of Shanghai Biaoma IT Co., LTD, and posted to the IETF repository. IETF is one of two largest international internet standard organizations. It is named as draft-guo-idoca-with-the-html-file-format. Please make comments on it. This draft has provided solutions to make users among different cloud-office websites have the same experience as those in a single website when a document was collaborated. It will be a new milestone of the interconnection of cloud-office applications in the office automation history. It is supported or paid attention to by many existing mainstream cloud-office software providers such as Google Drive, Microsoft Office 365, IBM Docs, Cisco WebEx, Zoho, ThinkFree, Adobe Acrobat, FengOffice???Evernote???Slide Share and Libre-office-on-line.

It is well-known that cloud-office applications are being used by countless users in our highly informationized times. Nowadays, the social statistics, the meeting minutes, or the digital office cannot do without the office software. The market of office software dominated by Microsoft Office for 20 years is in a great change because of the development of network technologies of open source, cloud computing, HTML5, WebSocket and the rise of those cloud offices such as Google Drive. Office applications are currently developing in a way of simple operation and nuanced function. Those large and all-inclusive office applications keep abreast of those small office applications that focus on certain functional extension. And, with the continuous increase of market demand for office software, many competitors are joining in this market. Traditional office software providers such as Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, Kingsoft WPS and Founder are wrestling one another, but Microsoft has always been dominant. However, in the field of online office or cloud office, some companies, such as Google, Zoho and Apple, have already gotten their own shares in the field of online office or cloud office because, with the help of technologies of cloud computing, they can meet their users

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