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Cloud security in healthcare industry

By samgord ·
Just looked through this article and it made me really be interested in your honest opinion on this important topic:

Did you ever follow security tips or going to of your cloud healthcare such as encrypting data in transit and at rest; monitoring and logging all access and use; implementing controls on data use; limiting data and application access; securing mobile devices; and backing up to an offsite location?

I mean you think it's reasonable to use technical skills over your health and life stored in a cloud? What's your personal risk if data will be hacked or stolen and used against you?

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Personally I think only a fool or Government would put this into the Cloud

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Cloud security in healthc ...

As things currently stand several World Governments have been in the press recently claiming that China is responsible for breaches in Government Agiences and Private Data Stored in Managed Services and that they are actively pursuring this as a means for Intelegence Gathering.

It was once upon a Time Hard Enough to secure data from the criminals but when a Country Government gets involved it is virtually impossible to secure that Data or for that matter the platform that it is hosted upon.

So for all intents and purposes I would now consider this Data Public and impossible to lock down but if you expect Medical Pratices to follow basic security steps like Encryption in Transit you are dreaming, These are Doctors who may be quite well informed on Medical Matters but are completely useless when it comes to Data Security. They will see quite readly that a lock is broken on a door but will never understand that Data can be intercepted in Transit to the Cloud Providers Servers let alone understand that it is likely to be stored in several different countries all of which have different laws to the one you are living in and that the Governments of those countries may have passed laws requiring the Service Providers to make that Data available to them whenever they request it.

So it is possible that to make sure that there is the Max Uptime of the Cloud Providers Servers, that at least 3 different countries have the data stored in them and each and every one is a open threat to Data Security.

Even countries like the US demand access to foregin Data stored on their soil so it's not impossible to believe that less advanced countries would be more than willing to take this data and on sell it to whomever wants to pay the money to get access.

While the Cloud is all of the things listed in the article it is also much more and anything that is stored in it should be considered as Public Domain and available to everyone who cares to want it. As things stand country Governments are incapable of securing their own data let alone anyone else's so why should anyone believe that a Private Company could do any better and are much more likely to hand it over to anyone in Authority who asks for it.

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by Flawey In reply to Cloud security in healthc ...

It's very important to know that your healthcare data is fully protected, but I think that it's the privilege of medicals that save your data in a cloud, not yours personally. People don't know much about cyber security. And if such data will be stolen you can get in a big trouble.. So I don't really know what is the best decision for such situation.

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interesting, but

by bertodal In reply to Cloud security in healthc ...

Wow, this is interesting to think about. Personally, I had no problems with this, since I do not use it, but for other owners this hacking could be very sad.

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Well if you follow the news

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to interesting, but

Many of the Western Governments have been in it blaming China recently and it blows a massive hole in the Cloud Security Argument.

It also should be accepted that if China has been doing this then Other State Actors have also been doing it and as Health Records are very valuable the Criminal Side of things have also been involved maybe not to the same extent but it is certianly a Juicy Target that is ripe for the picking.

Now the real question is

Do you want your Data in a position where it is possible for others to read it and do as they please?

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