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By Joshua G ·
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Hi, I am looking for a cloud storage solution to use for business. Does anyone have any recommendations and why they would be best?


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AWS S3 Glacier

by saksham1 In reply to Cloud storage recommendat ...

In Santa Clara summit, AWS announces the Amazon S3 glacier with combined features of S3 bucket and Amazon Glacier. They launch S3 glacier with 3 different plans and replace the Amazon glacier. Here is a link to give you a complete insight about S3 glacier.

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Best cloud storage recommendations..

by amywilliams12 In reply to Cloud storage recommendat ...

Here are some of the best cloud storage recommendations for small business:-

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Cloud storage recommendations

by Alice Mutum In reply to Cloud storage recommendat ...

Hi, there are plenty of cloud storage services around the market today.

Google Drive is surely one of the great platforms to use for small business. With 15GB of free storage, it not only stores your files but also lets you create or invite people to work on Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Other similar cloud storage services that you can try are Microsoft OneDrive, DropBox, Box, Carbonite, OpenDrive, and Amazon S3. All of these work well with backup, sharing and file management.

Hope it helps, Thanks!

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by hertzpipe In reply to Cloud storage recommendat ...

Who doesn't use Dropbox? Sure, its free storage is only 2 GBs, but you can use it on any platform. You can get to your files from Dropbox's website, desktop applications for Mac, Windows, and Linux, their native files systems and the iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Kindle Fire mobile apps. It's a snap to set up, and you don't need to worry about syncing files for a second.

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Best cloud Solution

by stephenchongsg In reply to Cloud storage recommendat ...

There are plenty of options but as google drive and Drop box are preinstalled in your device so i am using both these Storages
I am using Google drive for my personal contacts and Information and Dropbox for business and professional purpose.

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by tedbaker1 In reply to Cloud storage recommendat ...

You may use Dropbox as it's free and provides a great storage.

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Move to SMAC Cloud

by smacclouds In reply to Cloud storage recommendat ...

Use SMAC Cloud -
SMAC Cloud is a free cloud storage app which allows sales and marketing teams to organize, distribute and share their content, from anywhere, anytime, on any device on-the-go.

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Cloud storage

by sharonhoover467 In reply to Cloud storage recommendat ...

Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon S3 - you can use any of these services for your business. The only thing worth thinking about is the security of your data. As for me, I use Google Drive together with CloudMounter (free cloud encryption app)

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Cloud storage recommendations

by urolimesmm In reply to Cloud storage recommendat ...

Well, it all depends based on your preferences, type of business or the type of data, something like that. Currently, the leading cloud service providers are Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and the Google Cloud Platform. Each of them has similar features and storage capabilities. If you are working with a Windows environment, then Azure would suit you the best because of its native support for Windows-based applications.

Or you can try AWS which has more than 10 years of experience in Cloud computing or the Google cloud platform if you prefer the services of Google. Like I said earlier it all depends on your choice,

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More Details about Question

by KellyFergusen In reply to Cloud storage recommendat ...

Are you only looking for cloud storage solutions or a company that can setup cloud for you and migrate the data from your traditional system to cloud?

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