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Cloud VS VPS

By jeff.brownstone14 ·
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What is the actual difference between Cloud and traditional hosting like Shared, Dedicated and VPS?

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Difference between Cloud and VPS hosting

by samwpblog In reply to Cloud VS VPS

Cloud hosting is always the best when compared to VPS hosting since it is hosted on a virtual partition which takes advantage of multiple physical networks. But VPS hosting is less efficient since it allocates only a limited amount of computing resources to each client. Even we can integrate additional resources if needed in Cloud hosting whereas VPS hosting couldn't handle additional inflow so it may lead to crash the entire system. The speed of both hosting depends on the service providers. Top hosting providers provides highest speed to their customers. You can find here the top hosting providers:

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Cloud VS VPS

by Vitsusa In reply to Cloud VS VPS

Cloud servers utilize multiple servers connected together in a cluster which is backed by SAN storage. Customers utilizing a cloud platform will benefit from the multiple servers because they will receive unlimited storage, maximum bandwidth, managed load balancing and no ties to a specific piece of hardware.

VPS is based on servers which are crafted using virtualization mechanism. VPS hosting offers total and complete freedom. Free to manage your server as you like, you have access to everything and you can install all the software you need.

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Get best VPS and cloud plans at affordable price

by In reply to Cloud VS VPS

there is a big difference between these two, In my opinion, cloud hosting gives the best services and beneficial for an e-commerce website. here we are promoting the deals of where you can find the best hosting plans if you are interested to know more about our web hosting plan the go to the link now.

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difference between Shared, Dedicated and VPS

by tejas_ambekar In reply to Cloud VS VPS

Dedicated hosting - This is a physical machine, racked up in a data center or in your office and connected to the internet. It runs an operating system such as Ubuntu, CentOS, Windows etc. On this machine you can operate a single website or multiple sites.

Shared hosting - This is where multiple users website are hosted on the same dedicated or VPS server. Often a web hosting manager (WHM) such as CPanel is installed on the machine to manage this. Shared hosting can be slow due to many sites hosted on the same machine.

VPS hosting - A VPS server is built on top of a type of abstraction layer that manages the underlying hardware resources. Software such as OnApp is used to manage this. So lets say you have 2 servers with 50GB disk space and 10GB RAM each so a total pool of 100GB disk space and 20GB RAM. On this you may build 10 VPS servers with 10GB disk space and 2GB RAM each…

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Cloud offers services which aren't available in other hostings

by muhammadali1 In reply to Cloud VS VPS

The primary difference is that you get a lot of other services as well along with the hosting or storage. some of these services could be related to security and sometimes even related to the productivity. Please go through the following article to better understand the Cloud capabilities:
Once you understand these capabilities, I am sure you would be able to differentiate them better.

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Key Difference Between Cloud And VPS

by HostNoc123 In reply to Cloud VS VPS

VPs is cheaper than cloud.
VPS have availability issues in case of physical server failure. whereas on cloud website keeps running.
Cloud servers often include custom infrastructure elements like firewall, load balancing, etc.
If you are looking for any of the above types of service, try HostNOC, They have very affordable packages.

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Cloud vs VPS

by urolimesmm In reply to Cloud VS VPS

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is the concept in which a physical server exists and it is divided into various virtual servers. Each virtual server act as an independent server whereas in the cloud instead of a single physical server, there exists multiple physical servers.
VPS tend to be less reliable because if the physical server fails then all the VPS using that server will also fail and compared to the cloud, VPS is less secure.
Cloud, on the other hand, is flexible, more reliable. Since the cloud uses multiple servers, more resources are available for use.

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