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Clueless in Seattle

By Oz_Media ·
US police in Seattle asked Vancouver police to arrest political party leader and marijuana activist Marc Emery for extradition to the USA.

Marc Emery was the pioneer of Vancouver Hemp Store and now operates Vancouver's seed distribution store as well as being the BC Marijuana Party leader.

Seattle police have had him arrested for his business that has been shipping seeds to multiple US states, other claims (not charges) were against money laundering and other smaller crimes.

In Vancouver, Marc Emery is a VERY well known marijuana activist and leader of the Marijuana Party. Vancouver police have not arrested him to since 1999, for even though selling seeds IS illegal in Vancouver, they do not have substantial evidence of him as an individual committing the crimes.

As a result of the arrests, people in Vancouver lined the sreet outside the seed bank and protest US police presence in Canada, though not a physical presence, they had ordered the arrest and this has infuriated many locals, who are already adamantly against US political actions.

News footage showed Marc standing ouside of the police station in Nova Scotia, where he was attending the annual hempfest (there's one in every province every year) that police turn a blind eye to, in fact they attend and control traffic and crowds during the annual parade and smoke-in. The RCMP officers allowed him have one last MASSIVE Bong hit before he turned around in submission for the officer to handcuff him. (Only in Canada they say, pity! :) )

Canadian news:

US news:

Another Seattle report claims his business is shut down. Not realizing that it will only cause a dozen more to be opened now that the competition is gone. They also claim that because he is selling seeds to US grow ops, he is a drug dealer.

But cannabis seeds are NOT really a drug, and he doesn't technicallt sell a drug. The people who cultivate it strip only the intoxicating buds from the cannabis plants and sell them, are drug dealers.

The guy that sells the guns may be breaking a law in some countries, but he is not a murderer unless he uses them to kill someone.

The US news paints a far more condemning picture BUT there is little mention of the biggest argument against US presence in Canada to investigate the alledged crimes. Do they really want people to believe that Canadians feel this is okay and that nobody is pissed off at the US?

I watched as the Seattle press conference claimed that they had finally captured him and he will suffer the steepest penalties and be shut down. This guy has been shut down before, he has evaded 11 similar charges based on looopholes, as he has a VERY high profile local lawyer. Seattle police are still extremely confident though.

The US news clip also says that a handful of people were protesting his arrest outside the store. The news I watched showed a LOT of people congregated, flying US flags upside down and protesting with signs and full attention of the media. In the end the protest turned into arrests for impeding the police at the scene.

I think the BIGGEST issue of all, is that he was ORDERED arrested after DEA agents had investigated his business. The thought of US police ordering the arrest a Canadian (icon) IN Canada was really just too much of the 'US in Canada's businesss' for most to stomache.

Apprently the issue is not even that he was selling seeds to some personal culivators in the USA but for providing seeds used by major marijuana grow operations in the USA, which for some bizarre reason US authorities think will be forced to shut down. Perhaps hey haven't read Marc Emery's magazines that provide outlets to buy seeds all over the world (as does the readily available, world famous High Times magazine) of all strains and with pictures and ratings of the quality.

Perhaps US authorities just have no idea what they are up against, one man and one seed operation doesn't even qualify as a spit in the bucket, in fact arresting Marc Emery wil only cause people to be even more blatant about selling seeds and promoting marijuana than ever before. Just as it did in 99 when he was arrested by Vancouver police and apparently was to have his sttore shut down. It will simply allow importers from Europe and other continents to start shipping mroe and more seeds to the US and Canada as the market is now wide open for them.

This will be stopping large grow ops in the USA ? Pull the other one, they must be absolutely mad to believe it for 5 minutes, good luck with that Seattle. :^O

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nuke the usa!!

by Jaqui In reply to Clueless in Seattle

they are breaking international laws by having thier police operating in canada, ordering the arrest of canadian citisens for breaking us laws while in canada.

nuke the commie bas|ds!!!!

it's a prime example of the us screwing themselves world opinion wise.
this is exactly the type of activity that promotes anti usa commentary, terrorist activities, and genral disgust with the usa.

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No kidding

by Oz_Media In reply to nuke the usa!!

People would have been much mellower if this wasn't a typical US overstepping thier boundaries issue.

That first report makes it seem like a couple of people stood outside and rallied gainst it. It soon turned into a blockade that resulted in police arresting them in an aggrivated standoff.

It's just getting way out of hand, the US is in everyone's business because any part of the worl around them that touches thier country in any way is immediately THIER business.

Man, why don't they just dig a big trench across the border and set the USA sailing south or something. They could completely isolate themselves from the rest of the world and do us all a favour. But then they wouldn't be able to dominate consumption of the rest of the world's resources I suppose.

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by Jaqui In reply to No kidding

talknig with me mac buddy about this.
both of us want to find out who the dea and fbi agents working in vancouver are, so we can plaster thier faces all over the place.

thinking about promoting hacking both agencies to pull agent database images, posting the entire dea and fbi rosters on billboards around town will get them out of here.

us police in the usa, not in a separate country.

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by Oz_Media In reply to ~chuckle~

It's SO typical, this is just another blatant example of the US getting involved where it is niether welcome, justifiable or welcome.

This is another issue that right-wing yankers will see as a needed and justified measure o the world police. World police wouldn't be THAT unacceptable, if they weren't so f*****g stupid to begin with.

Scotland Yard wouldn't be so bad, the baddis would be gone real quick and the people would be left alone, even THEY are unfavorable though, yet MUCH better than the USA trying to instill thier warped views on the rest of the world.

If Americans are so proud of being individuals, so proud of thier freedom (that only applies IN America and doesn't mean they have the freedom to do as they wish elsewhere)if they say everyone is jealous of America and they don't need others, why do they spend all thier time trying to FIX other countries?

Why don't they, as I suggested before, just sperate themselves form the rest of the world and live in a giant two sided commune, not that America isn't just a giant two-sided commune as it is.

We'll see Bush in 10 years being arrested while living in a trailer underground and commanding his followers like Waco. Hopefully someof our republican peers will be drinking the cool aidse too and we'll find them all dead in a 50' nmetal box buried underground. Just leave 'em be, where they belong.

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did you see

by Jaqui In reply to Typical

the front page of the sun this am?
( saturday issue )

one of my neighbors is the guy holding the sign up in the photo.

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Not yet

by Oz_Media In reply to did you see

Myffriends only get The Province delivered, but I'm heading out Richmond way today so I'll keep an eye out for it.

Would that be this guy?

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by Jaqui In reply to Not yet

that's one of me neighbors.

the entire building seems to think that it's wrong for us agencies to be working in canada.

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International cooperation

by Oz_Media In reply to Not yet

I can understand international cooperation in some instances. Such as a terrorist or serial killer who is a great threat to the personal security of the world's citizens.

In such a case, I have no problem with forces 'copoerating' in the form of meetings and sharing important data to thwart thier movements.

IN THIS case, it is just wrong, here's another analogy;

I build a website that promotes jay walking because I have a beef with a stop light not being installed in Vancouver. The website is globally available for viewing.
If 1000 people in Oregon start jay walking and breaking the law to support MY cause in Vancouver US police would then be able to request MY extradition to US courts to hold responibility for people breaking the law in the USA.

I know it SOUNDS extreme, but really it is no different.

It's just like the Sharman networks issue with Kazaa. You can't extradite people from Australia and raid thier stores just because thier product finds it's available for Americans to USE. Arrest the Americans who use it instead. Sharman networks isn't breaking global laws.

Where does it end? East indian men being brought to Vancouver for beating thier wives in India, as it is influencing Indians in Vancouver to do so too?

The line will get smaller and smaller unless it is stopped, and yet they CLAIM they are NOT trying to be the world police?

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Question about the law

by jdclyde In reply to Not yet

I don't know if it is legal to buy and sell the seeds in the US or not. Sorry, just not up on my drug enforcement knowledge.

IF it is illegal, then anyone importing this into the courty would be breaking the law.

This all assumes that the sale of the seeds is indeed illegal.

Sending something to a place where it is illegal IS breaking the law, not just the person recieving it. Just often harder to get your hands on.

spammers for instance.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Not yet

For some reason selling seeds is illegal in Canada AND the USA. But it has been done for ever, not from Canada but by mail order from Amsterdam for years.

WHy haven't the US DEA agents started having people in Amsterdam arrested, their shops shut down and then have them extradited to the US for trial?

Because Canada is RIGHT HERE! The pople are just like Americans and they bend over for American authority, well the government does anyway. I know quite a few RCMP who don't like the amount of US intervention in Canadian law either.

Criminals bring guns to Canada illegally, do we have the gun shop owners in the US arrested?

Criminals will commit crimes nomatter who is put in jail, these grow ops of which they speak, are not going to be shut down if Emery is put ni jail. If they KNOW of these specific grow ops, why aren't THEY shut down instead and put THEM in jailfor life due to cultivation for the purpose of trafficking?

It's much wasier to flex your might at another country as bein at fault that's why. Why address a problem or even admit you have a problem when it canbe attributed as someone else's fault?

It's pure denial, if it wasn't for Canada these criminals wouldn't exist? Who are they trying to kid this time?

America needs some self evaluation, some REAL objective evaluation not just the 'we are great, quick wave your flag' type of self evaluation.

You guys face some REAL problems with crime and violence that we don't see here, where the problem is supposed to be originating. Time to stop the denial and fix your own country, then when you can set an example, use that example to influence others.

Believe me, if you solve drug and crime issues as a nation, WITHIN your nation, others ARE going to be all ears.

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