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    cluge in Access


    by john_wills ·

    Sometimes a query in Access fails for no apparent reason. The reasons given by the system may seem quite irrelevant, or may hint at buffer overflows. On two occasions I have found that putting an extra table into the nest of queries solves the problem. The main query in these cases invokes subordinate queries, in one case two levels deep, and these subordinate queries work on their own, just not in the nest. But putting an extra table, which I name “cluge”, in one of the subordinate queries ends the problem. The cluge table is empty, and has one column, which I name “cluge-item”; this is a text item, and I left-join one of the other tables to the cluge table on a text item. Exactly how one recognizes the problem I cannot say, because my two were different, but I suspect that what is happening is that the extra table forces the reservation of more buffer space. It cannot be just any table that gets left-joined to the cluge, so you may have to hunt around. I am unable to send anyone samples of the databases because they contain confidential patient data, but I would be glad to learn of anyone who understands better than I do what is going on.

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