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Cluster On VMWare

By ask_anurag ·

I am creating Windows 2003 Cluster on VMware for Exchange 2003. I have created some SCSI disk and also downloaded drivers for SCSI disks.
The downloaded file size is big and it's not coming in floppy.
So can i install SCSI drivers after installation of Windows 2003 server.
Can someone assist me as I required it very urgently.

Thanks and Regards,

(Anurag Goswami)

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Cluster On VMWare

Yes you can provided that you are not trying to install to a SCSI Boot drive.

However a large SCSI Driver seems wrong as these just don't happen all that often unless you are attempting to configure a SCSI RAID Array. They are the only large SCSI drivers that I've ever run into nd I've been using SCSI Drives since they where new to the market and never seen a SCSI Driver larger than a Floppy. On several occasions I've seen several different SCSI Drivers downloaded that cover different OS's and these can take up several Floppies but I've never seen just one OS Driver take more than a Single Floppy other than the RAID Controllers they are a different story.


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by ask_anurag In reply to


Thanks to all for you help I will try and in case if I face any problems then I will contact you again.

Thanks and Regards,

(Anurag Goswami)

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by zaferus In reply to Cluster On VMWare

You could create a floppy disk image file and just upload it to your VMWare server using SSH.
If you aren't sure how to do this just Google "create a floppy disk image" and you'll see a host of utilities that allow you to do this. Sometimes the drivers are already on a floppy image file, if so this will prevent you from having to do this step.

Programs like "SSH Secure File Transfer Client" are great to move files to/from your Windows PC to a Linux/VMWare box.

Then under that VM point the floppy disk to the image file and have it enabled at power on (but ensure that you boot from CD/HDD in your boot order not FDD). At the point it asks you to load your drivers you can direct it to the floppy drive.

I have done this myself, so I can tell you that it works just fine.

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by ask_anurag In reply to Cluster On VMWare

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