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    Cluster Server: Macitosh Volumes


    by starkc ·

    I have been asked the question “How can we create a cluster and have Macintosh Volumes reside on the cluster?” Meaning, the Macintosh volume will will reside on the virual drive I created through cluster server. I have contaced Microsoft on this issue, and they don’t support it.

    Ok… If I can’t do this. Then, does anyone know how I can get my Mac clients to see this Cluster share that will also be an Oracle database.

    Keep in mind, that the Mac volume must reside on on the cluster and Fail over MUST work.

    Anyone… Anyone???

    Thank You

    Chris Stark

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      Cluster Server: Macitosh Volumes

      by calves ·

      In reply to Cluster Server: Macitosh Volumes

      I always tought was hard enough to maintain the cluster server just for basic operations such as File, print, IIS. I am impressed!
      The only input I have for you is that Win2K Advanced Server has the Cluster Admin Built in and that Win2K works really well with MACs. I am not using the Clustering off the Advanced Server, but I do have a mix of PCs, MACs and Avids using areas of the PC network, as well as PC users accessing info on the MAC server and stations.
      You might want to do some reading about it.

      Good Luck!

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