cluster size/virus-ware spreading

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two totally different questions. dont worry if you can only answer one but i trust the majority of the members here know what there doing unlike me who has millions of questions.

questions 1: im creating a sperate partition to save image files (about 5GB in size and larger). imw ondering if i should create the seperate partition with a larger cluster size. im guessing i dont need because cluster size has to do with how much of the file is processed at once? im only using the images in case of emergancies, i figure it doesnt matter.

question 2: can virus or adware etc attach themselves to files and be moved with them totally invisible to windows and yourself? i often reinstall windows (about once a month due to personal reasons; alhough im switching to norton ghost instead of a fresh install) and i copy single installation files i need for the reinstall onto a thumb drive. could anything be carried with those files that i cant see onto my drive?

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you will probably.....

by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to cluster size/virus-ware s ...

need more than 5gb ,depending on the amount of images your going to create.At that size i estimate 5-6 images.And the second answer is yes.The images do carry any virus information as it is an exact copy of the system health and state as well as anything else

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