cmd.exe taking up 90-100% CPU

By ashwintopkar ·

I am having a laptop with 1.1GHz and 760MB RAM. I have McAfee anitivirus ent. edition installed. Recently, I have observed that even if the laptop is idle the CPU usage is alomost 100% (not even virus scan running). When I checked I saw one cmd.exe running and taking almost all the CPU. However, I was not running anything through command prompt. How can I check which application is running that? Even though it is running laptop speed is not affected too much. E.g.if I start other applications of work in other applications they run reasonalbly well (slight performance degradation.

I have scanned the laptop manually to check and confirm there is no virus. If I kill the process nothing happens but after some time that cmd.exe again starts running. Does anyone know / has anyone come across same problem? Please let me know.

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Are you still having this problem with cmd.exe?

by Photogenic Memory In reply to cmd.exe taking up 90-100% ...

I wasn't sure what might be causing this issue. There could be a lot of things such as programs that may need cmd.exe or a scheduled task you may have set but maybe messed up the time it's supposed to run(hey, it happens). Anyways, I found this forum and you might like.:

Have you tried running a Virus Scan or a Spyware scanner aswell? Give it a shot and see what happens. Don't forget to backup your files in case something happens or you might have to reinstall the OS's in case it's been rooted. Good luck.

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Are you still having this problem with cmd.exe?

by errifi In reply to Are you still having this ...

I would simply stop the cmd.exe and see what happens.

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