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cmdinfo clogging system

By pmayer ·
My wife's computer was running incredibly slowly - 20 seconds to respond to a command - Task manager showed a process called "cmdinfo.exe" using up to 300 megs - couldn't find program on computer using Search (searching hidden files) - Hijack This finally showed it - fixed it - things seems better - has anyone seen anything like this? I found virtually nothing on the web.

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by house In reply to cmdinfo clogging system

cmdinfo.exe is a utility that is used to gather information about a pc. It is most likely that the attacker was trying to log and retrieve info about your computer. If he scheduled this task remotely, and botched it, this will cause your system to hang. I used to do this to my scheduling pinball.exe to run every five minutes...his pc would freeze up...he'd take a fit...then I would kill the task and remove it from his scheduled tasks share. He'd come back with the teacher to show him the "virus", but there would appear to be no problem.

ps-Knowing what kind of system you are running, your computer name, service packs, etc, is the biggest helper in hacking someone's computer.

example; If your computer name is "Robert-32jh3rfg3", then there is a good chance that there is an administative account by the name of "Robert".

Best practices are...
1) don't name your computer after your own name
2) rename the administrator to your own preference
3) rename a user account with the name "administrator" and then disable it
4) use a "strong" password
5) disable services that are considered a security breach - iis, terminal services, remote registry manipulation, etc.


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