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    CMOS battery Acer Aspire 5002


    by alfalfa ·

    How can I get at the CMOS battery in Acer Aspire 5002 WLMi lap top?


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      by alfalfa ·

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      Most Acer laptops (including mine)…

      by older mycroft ·

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      House the CMOS battery in a small ‘holder’ that is connected to the motherboard by a thin snake-like wire.

      Consequently the battery is easily accessible just below / beside the top edge of the keyboard. Assuming you have a top-mounted fan, you need to get access to the space below the panel with the fan vents. The battery will be at the visible end of the long wire extending up from the motherboard.

      I would add: if you are accessing the CMOS battery to nullify the BIOS password, don’t bother – you’re wasting your time.

      Acer BIOS passwords are contained in Flash RAM. Therefore removing the CMOS battery will only restore your laptop to factory settings while the boot password remains intact.

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        How can I remove the BIOS password of Acer 3680 laptop

        by okonnkwo2004 ·

        In reply to Most Acer laptops (including mine)…

        Please this is not meant to be a reply but i read your reply to someone who had a problem of CMOS of accer laptop.I also have a problem with the BIOS PASSWORD.Since you suggested that the BIOS password is in the Flash RAM,What possible solution do you have.I would be very grateful if you could assist me.I have not been able to acess the machine for the past one month because of this BIOS Password.

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          The answer to your problem is simple…

          by older mycroft ·

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          You need to allow an Acer-approved engineer to take a look at your 3680.

          You could try this company:

          Physical Address: AVS ? SYSCOM HOUSE, Sakaman Junction, North Odorkor, Accra

          Postal Address: P.O.Box 18834, GPO Accra Central

          Telephone: (+233-21) 302888/325336 or 0243862312


          Contact Persons : Roy Kruger, Dr Felix Semavor, Susan Anderson, Jane Semavor, Phineas Wilson.

          Of course, you will be required to show them a receipt for the laptop, to prove that it is owned by you.

          If it is not yours to submit for repair there is a very good chance the next knock at your door will be from your local constabulary – notebook theft is a growing crime across the world and Police forces worldwide are cracking down on this new crimewave.

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