cmos battery location

By 1wobby1 ·
Can anyone please please tell me how & where to locate the cmos battery in a Toshiba Tecra A6 Laptop as I suddenly have a password on my bios & I don't know what it is

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It may not exist

by nepenthe0 In reply to cmos battery location

See OH Smeg's TR posting of 1 June'08

The CMOS chip has been replaced by an electrolytic capacitor called a Smart Socket which does not require a trickle current to keep its memory intact.

So check your laptop's User Guide. If there is no CMOS battery illustrated or described, it probably doesn't exist.

Rick/Portland, OR

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To be technically precise

by robo_dev In reply to It may not exist

The SmartSocket is NVSRAM.

But you are correct in that newer laptops do not depend on a CMOS battery to maintain the power-on password security.

These same laptops often DO use a supercapacitor (electrolytic cap) in place of some sort of RTC (real-time-clock) battery, as the clock does need power to function.

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How could you 'suddenly have a password on your bios'?

by robo_dev In reply to cmos battery location

TR does not help with password recovery.

While it's entirely possible that your dog set your power-on password while you were asleep, it's also entirely possible that you broke the right-rear window of a blue 2007 Toyota Camry with a spring-loaded center punch and ran off like a scared bunny with somebody's laptop in hand.

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Well said

by nepenthe0 In reply to How could you 'suddenly h ...

I was a bit dense with this query - the purpose for the post didn't register. I'll be wiser next time...


Rick/Portland, OR

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Bios password

by 1wobby1 In reply to Well said

Thanks Rick your first comment was helpful, your second comment was not. Do you play follow the leader a lot hey, & your never the leader, well sorry about that, poor boy

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Bios password

by 1wobby1 In reply to How could you 'suddenly h ...

Thanks robo_dev that was no bloody help at all. Think your so smart, hey, well it's NOT stolen. I put a battery from another laptop (same brand) higher amp & thats when it all went wrong! why? I do not know, & my dog dose not play on my computer he has his own

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Calm down dude

by Bizzo In reply to Bios password

You're obviously new here. Being rude like that won't get you anywhere.

We get questions about bios password cracking several times a day, the majority give **** and bull stories about sudden power surges, their 3 year old daughter, or cosmic rays suddenly creating bios passwords. So your's isn't new.

If you're the owner of the machine then contact Toshiba, they will be able to help you if you can provide proof of ownership.

If you've tried a battery that's a higher ampage than the one should be using then you may have fried your motherboard anyway.

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Bios Battery

by 1wobby1 In reply to Calm down dude

Sorry mate but that got up my nose about it being stolen thanks

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Eh? - If you changed the battery why ask where it is?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Bios password

Perhaps you thought there was more than one?

What make and model of computer does your dog have?

I'm thinking of getting one for Velcro, my cat.

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Cmos Battery

by 1wobby1 In reply to Eh? - If you changed the ...

Der me thinks you not understand that I changed the Main Battery not the cmos battery & now I was looking for cmos battery so I could reset the bios, witch I now understand can't be done but thanks all who tryed to help

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