CMOS Battery Low Voltage on BIOS boot up on Server

By kevinbarn ·
Getting a CMOS Battery Low Voltage warning only occasionally on this server. Installed SBS 2008 & configured RAID on sata drives no issues.

Replaced the CMOS battery and issue is still present, if we take out memory and re-boot it may or may not work and then if it happens again whilst testing, we swap the memory and it bypasses the error.

Also when it happens, the USB keyboard isnt functional at all. So pressing F1 doesnt work.

What could cause this? Battery, Memory, Motherboard?

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Well providing that the New Battery is not flat

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to CMOS Battery Low Voltage ...

I've seen it happen previously you have 2 options. Not common but I have seen it previously where the contacts in the Battery Holder have bent and are not making a good contact with the battery. Whenever I have seen this it's the contact on the bottom which goes to the center of the battery not the edge and all that is required is to bent the contact up away from the base of the socket.

If that doesn't work you are looking at a bad M'Board where the RTC is either not getting power or has developer a High Resistance joint which gives the incorrect Low Voltage Warning and you need to replace the M'Board.


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