Cmos battery replacement.

By B.D. ·
I have a Presario C506ca laptop. I cannot get the computer clock to stay at the correct time. Does anyone know the proper way to disassemble the laptop in order to replace the battery?

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wait for it....

by Brenton Keegan In reply to Cmos battery replacement.

In all seriousness though. If you don't find any explicit information from the vendor, I'd check the following:

-Check for a panel on the back that gives direct access to the CMOS battery.

-Check under the keyboard

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A couple of things to look at first

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Cmos battery replacement.

Check for any Installed Software that changes the Time. This can come in the form of a piece of software that is supposed to check with an external clock and reset the computer on the fly or it could be something as simple as a installed Game.

If you want to rule out a Software issue use a Live Linux and boot off that Disc and see if the clock time changes now. There will be no software included and no way that the OS can be effaced by anything.

The other thing to look at is that modern NB's Do Not have CMOS Batteries they rely on Smart Socket Technology where the BIOS Chip is soldered onto the M'Board and is feed power when it is not on from a series of Capacitors that act like a Rechargeable Battery but without the problems that most Rechargeables have. A properly configured Smart Socket M'Board should supply power for at least 3 years of no use before the BIOS reverts to the Factory Defaults.

Also as another possibility you should check with HP for any recall on this model NB as a possible Fix for problems that you may not yet be aware of.


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