cmos entry on dell 2400

By bplarson2 ·
I need help I put in a harddrive from a dell 2400, that my mother board
blew up in, into an other dell of the same species. How do I get into
CMOS to recognise the old hard drive?

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Try this

by Jacky Howe In reply to cmos entry on dell 2400

Press F2 during POST to enter the system setup program. Check to see if it is detected.
Then press F10 to save and exit.
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If the unit is correctly set

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to cmos entry on dell 2400

All you need do is press the F2 Key when the Dell Logo in on th screen. That gets you into BIOS and pressing the F10 Key will save the changes and exit.

But most likely the system is not starting and this will be because you need to set a Jumper on the Drive that you placed into the computer if you are using it as a Slave Drive. Between the Data Plug and the Power Plug on the back of the HDD are a few pins generally 6 but there could also be 7 or 8 and there is one Jumper across two pins.

You'll need to remove the HDD look at the sticker on the Drive to see where this Jumper needs to be set to use as a Slave. This will be called either Slave or CS for Cable Select which means that the hardware selects where to place the Drive depending on where it is placed on the Data Lead. If both drives are set to Master the system will not boot as the OS on each HDD is fighting for dominance and each wants to be the drive that the system boots off.


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