cmos problem

By loriomal ·
Hi there
I've just taken apart an acer aspire 5100 as i need to clear the bios password. My problem is that i can not figure out where the cmos is located
I would appreciate any help thanking you

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A hint

by The Scummy One In reply to cmos problem

take it to the shop

another hint -- dont buy stolen equipment

another hint -- throw it off of the roof, as far as it can go.

another hint -- go to the police near you and confess to either stealing the notebook or for receiving stolen property (and turn the person in whom you bought it from)

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cmos problem

by loriomal In reply to A hint

thank you for your advice I totally agree with what you said but this is not the case to let you understand better I work in a computer repair shop and I am a newbie regards laptops the customer had a password on his bios i asked him to remove it so i could install xp he removed it and then set another password i told him it was best to remove it so i could do the job after re entering his new password he made a mistake and reenetered it two more times and thats when we had this problem as i couldnt get into it. since then i have found out that i need to reprogram his eeprom chip thank you anyway

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This vapid account gets better by the minute ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to cmos problem

"..after re entering his new password he made a mistake and reenetered (sic)it two more times and thats when we had this problem as i couldnt get into it."

'Made a mistake and re-entered it two more times..' - I don't get where you're going with this or what you are attempting to put across. This is just silly.

Unless the bloke has St Vitus' Dance, why was he break-dancing round the keyboard, with a multiplicity of password entry sequences? After he'd achieved the third entry, what had changed - he'd only done what he'd already done twice before, nothing more nothing less. He could still have removed the THIRD entered password, just as easily as the first.

More importantly - why did you not just ASK HIM FOR THE PASSWORD??!!

By the way - what does being a "newbie regards laptops" have to do with your inability to identify a CMOS ??

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OM these NB's allow 2 wrong entries of BIOS Passwords

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to This vapid account gets b ...

On the third mistake the system stops working and the BIOS Chip needs to be reset by an Authorized HP Service Center.

That's what is supposed to have happened here if I'm reading this correctly.


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Sorry - that's not how it happens with an Acer laptop ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to OM these NB's allow 2 wro ...

You get three opportunities to enter a BOOT password then the system locks. But if you power off, you can power up and get another three chances, again and again and again ad infinitum...

Mind you, I've never tried experimenting with incorrect password entries for BIOS access passwords. My Users don't know their BIOS access passwords - only I do. They seem happier with that arrangement due to how many of them tend to get dreadfully drunk on occasion and think "This would be a great idea to try..." but can't because they can't get into their BIOS screen.

It's purely a Scottish thing, you understand!

And usually purely malt too! :^0


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Another hint ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to cmos problem

The CMOS is solid state. Guess what that means!

Think about that as and when you get round to screwing back in the last screw. Assuming you don't have any left over. :^0

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Wait. You mean it's not a valve?

by seanferd In reply to Another hint ...

What am I going to do with my tube-testing equipment?

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It's very easy to find the CMOS

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to cmos problem

CMOS is a Solid State Semi Conductor made of Composite materials hence the Name Composite Metal Oxide Semiconductor or CMOS for short.

Just about every Integrated Circuit on a M'Board is a CMOS Integrated Circuit including the CPU. These generally have a black case with some printing on the upper surface to define what they are. But this can vary depending on what the IC actually does, for instance CPU's which generate a lot of Heat need to have a better package than a low heat producing Integrated Circuit so they have a Metal Surface to help dissipate the heat and prevent the Silicon Substrate from melting inside the package.

As you have this Acer Aspire 5100 already apart you can easily see a lot of Integrated Circuits and as most of these are of Composite Metal Oxide Construction they are just about all CMOS.

So take your pick you have a 99.99% chance of hitting a CMOS Chip provided that you pick one of the black square ones. The more legs or Solder connections that these CMOS Chips have goes on to differentiate them as standard CMOS Chips or LSI CMOS Chips to the VLSI CMOS Chips. LSI stands fro Large Scale Integration and VLSI stands for Very Large Scale Integration.

Now I have explained what a CMOS Integrated Circuit is I hope you do not have any issues finding a CMOS Chip on this M'Board. But as they are all Surface Mount Technology I would advise against attempting to replace any as you need very specialized Soldering Equipment that isn't actually anything like a Soldering Iron. Also because these IC's are glued onto the M'Board before being Ultra Violetly Soldered in Place they often cause the Substrate of the M'Board to fracture as they are prized off it after releasing the solder connections. Also owing to the small size of these Integrated Circuits it is inadvisable to manually place them onto a M'Board particularly with VLSI Integrated Circuits as the possibility of having th Solder Points contacting more than 1 track is almost impossible not to achieve. If you attempt to power up after finishing off the Soldering Process it will result in the destruction of the IC you replaced and very likely serious damage tot he M'Board rendering it uneconomical to repair.


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