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By march0983 ·
Why does the CMOS reset? I already change the battery but still having problem because my new settings was back into default settings in the next days when I open my PC..

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Could be many things here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to CMOS Reset

Some M'Boards require the BIOS to be cleared after replacing the Battery. If this is not done the changes made do not stick.

If the Changes where not Saved on Exit they are not applied so when you next restart the Old settings take effect and you have to bypass the Error.

If the M'Board has a dead track which prevents power to the RTC when it is powered down any changes made will be lost when the power is shut off.

You need to read the Users Manual on how to reset the BIOS and maybe how to Clear it as well. If the problem persists after you Clear the BIOS and you save the Changes when you Exit the BIOS then you have a failing M'Board. You can either leave the system running all the time to keep any changes that you have made and then only reset them when you restart th system from a Cold Boot after a Power Failure or similar Event.

Replace the M'Board to prevent his happening again.

Or remove the New Battery and check it for the correct Voltage it is not unknown to buy new Batteries that have sat on the shelf so long that they have gone flat.


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