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    CMOS/RTC Battery for Presario 2500 Laptops


    by jwestern4 ·

    Before I take my Presario 2545US laptop apart to replace the CMOS battery I would like to have the replacement battery on hand.

    Does anyone know the replacement battery designation type number for the CMOS/RTC battery?

    My motherboard is #326682-001 which is used on at least 40 different models of HP and Compaq laptops, so I would assume that all use the same battery type.


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      by dawgit ·

      In reply to CMOS/RTC Battery for Presario 2500 Laptops

      You could / should try the HP web site. usually works for things like that. -d

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        Laptops that use the same motherboard >>>

        by jwestern4 ·

        In reply to Maybe….

        Looking for the CMOS/RTC/Battery Part Number#.


        Hewlett-Packard Part Numbers 326682-001 compatible with the following Models:

        Business Notebook NX9008, Business Notebook NX9010, Pavilion xt276, Pavilion xt500, Pavilion xt5377QV, Pavilion xt5477WM, Pavilion ze5200 Notebooks , Pavilion ze5279, Pavilion ze5300, Pavilion ze5375, Pavilion ze5385US, Pavilion ze5395US, Pavilion ze5497LA, Pavilion ze5590US, Pavilion ze5600, Pavilion ze5700, Presario 2130LA, Presario 2500, Presario 2504EU, Presario 2505AP, Presario 2514EU, Presario 2515AP, Presario 2519EU, Presario 2520LA, Presario 2522EU, Presario 2525US, Presario 2528EA, Presario 2529CL, Presario 2533EA, Presario 2535QV, Presario 2538AP, Presario 2538CL, Presario 2542EA, Presario 2543AP, Presario 2545US, Presario 2548EA, Presario 2550CA, Presario 2552EA, Presario 2555AP, Presario 2555US, Presario 2558EA, Presario 2561US, Presario 2567AP, Presario 2581US, Presario 2585AG, Presario 2590US, Presario 2595AG, Presario 2596AG, Presario 2598AG, Presario 2598CL
        HP Pavilion Notebook ZE5600 HP Pavilion Notebook ZE5700

        Thanks in advance.

        HP has been no help, really cannot believe that they cannot supply
        the CMOS battery information.

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          Well HP can not tell you about a CMOS Battery because there isn’t one

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Laptops that use the same motherboard >>>

          With this M’Board if it is the same one used in the NX98008. This M’Board uses a Smart Socket as a Power Source for the BIOS Chip to power the RTC.

          What you need to do is leave the NB plugged into the Mains Adapter to recharge it for about 36 Hours. If it’s still not working after that you need a New M’Board for this NB. Of course if the Main NB Battery is dead and still fitted this could be causing the Smart Socket not to get charged.


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      CMOS Battery Replacement

      by byu1980 ·

      In reply to CMOS/RTC Battery for Presario 2500 Laptops

      The closest I can come is the removal procedure on page 2-61 of the Service Manual. There’s a lot of steps involved in getting to the motherboard. My 2570US has the same motherboard, but it looks like you have to disassemble it to see the battery. It’s most likely something like a CR2032 or one similar to that.

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