CMOS Setting for Laptop Fan

By Defragme ·
I'm new to this IT world and am trying hard to learn as much as possible. I'm getting ready for my CompTia A+ cert so I know a little, but am still just scratching the surface. My question is: I have a HP Pavillion zd8000 which run extremely hot, I checked out the fans and One out of the three are not running, a friend of mine told me it might be shut off in the CMOS. I tried to enter CMOS to check but it seemed pretty useless, maybe I wasn't even in CMOS. I'm running windows XP Professional and I thought the F10 key on start up was CMOS, it did take me to set-up but that was lame and no real juicy settings to play with. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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You are confusing CMOS and BIOS ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to CMOS Setting for Laptop F ...

CMOS - Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor - it's a chip.

BIOS - Basic Input Output System - the software environment that exists on the CMOS chip.

I imagine tht if the BIOS did have any reference to the fans, it would most likely be to illustrate the present speed of the fan, not to turn it OFF / ON.

Motherboard fans are ON constantly (unless the system is shut down) since computer chips generate heat, and heat requires that the fans are running. If the heat reduces then the rotational speed of the fan reduces also but I doubt if it ever turns off.

Rather than describe 'one out of the three are not running', perhaps you could detail WHICH fan has stopped.

Most likely it has burned out. Whatever the cause it should be replaced BEFORE you start the computer again, otherwise extensive damage could result.

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One Small Correction

by TheChas In reply to You are confusing CMOS an ...

Just 1 small correction to your explanation of CMOS and BIOS.

A CMOS RAM IC is used to store the BIOS settings. The BIOS itself is stored in a FLASH ROM.

That is why some people refer to updating the BIOS as FLASHING the ROM. When you update a BIOS, you erase the FLASH ROM and load a new version of the BIOS code into the FLASH.


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Point taken and noted. Thanks. < NT >

by OldER Mycroft In reply to One Small Correction
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what does the "< nt >" mean?

by computechdan In reply to Point taken and noted. T ...

Point taken and noted. Thanks. < NT >

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Bad Fan and Terminology

by TheChas In reply to CMOS Setting for Laptop F ...

First off, I sounds to me like the fan that does not run needs to be replaced.

As you are going for your A+ certification, you need to brush up on some of the terms you are using.

The screens you get when you press F10 are the BIOS settings or BIOS setup.

CMOS is a class of semiconductor design noted for low power consumption. Most desktop computers and some laptops have a CMOS RAM IC that is used to store the BIOS settings.

While on a desktop system it is true that the BIOS settings are stored in a CMOS RAM IC, that is not universal for laptops. Some laptops store the BIOS settings in part of the same FLASH ROM that contains the BIOS code.

As you have observed on your system, laptops have much less complicated user BIOS settings than desktops do. A laptop is a more dedicated system than a desktop and by keeping the user settings to a minimum, the manufacture can use a smaller CMOS RAM IC or a small area of Flash to hold the BIOS settings. This primarily saves power.

Now, back to your fans.

This HP page has all the manuals for your system.

The maintenance manual takes you through the BIOS settings, and shows you how to get to the fans.


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F10 is the correct key for bios setup

by computechdan In reply to CMOS Setting for Laptop F ...

however as u already discovered the bios options are rather thin... u didn't mention exactly which zd8000 u have but u can find your exact model here:

download the user manual and u will find the part number of the fan that doesn't function.

i recommend u find a replacement as soon as possible as laptops don't tend to have more fans than they need.

plz "mark as helpful" any posts u find useful

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Thank you so much

by Defragme In reply to CMOS Setting for Laptop F ...

Wow, that was the first time I ever posted and what a great response. This Tech path is going to be my second life, my 1st I was in the printing industry for 25 years and use to love to teach the new guys the trade. Great to see that there are people like yourself in the computer world that enjoy helping a newby like myself.

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Printing Trade eh ?? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Thank you so much

Better that you read my profile then.

Just click on my name at the bottom left of this post. :)

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