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CMOS Setting wrong ?

By maxim718 ·
Hi,my computer has been infection Spyware on couple month ago,is still not fix yet and yesterday I try to log in my computer,I mean I have 13 alphabet password,I can only type 11 & the last 2 is frozen,I has try many times,but is won't work I even try switch new keyboard is same,then I shut down and start take out the battery and put back on 20 minute later, then start turn on,the computer start show Date setting, I was accident click the wrong Date &year,then computer start show the CMOS setting wrong message,is show F1 &F2,some how I hit something is let me log in,I was able fix Date Time inside ,but when I restart the computer is show CMOS setting wrong again,
don't know what this is,because never set this
Please somebody help.Thankyou

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If you don't save the changes,

by ComputerCookie In reply to CMOS Setting wrong ?

it will continue to have this problem.

If it won't save the changes after the computer has been powered off then the battery is dead and needs to be replaced.

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Well as you haven't supplied much information here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to CMOS Setting wrong ?

You'll need to read the screen. Generally F1 enters BIOS and F2 Ignores the Error that you have but you'll need to read the screen and press the correct key yo Enter BIOS then you use the Arrow Keys to navigate around the BIOS Settings Start by setting the Time & Date then set the BIOS to Factory Defaults and then go to the Exit Tab and save the changes on Exit.

The computer should now boot. As CC has already said if the BIOS Settings do not stay put you need to replace the BIOS Battery and these are generally a CR2032 Battery with Desktops and can be anything if this is a NB.

Just remember that when you go to remove the battery to unplug the computer from the Mains to prevent any damage to the M'Board if you drop the Battery as you remove it. If you do not unplug the mains the M'Board has 5 V DC running through it and the battery hitting the M'Board can cause a short Circuit damaging or destroying the M'Board. When you have replaced the Battery you need to enter BIOS and set the Date & Time then save the Changes on Exit.

if you don't have any idea of how to change the settings in BIOS you need to read either the System Makers Manual or the M'Board Manual. You will have got this with the computer or you can download a PDF Copy from either the System Maker or the M'Board Maker's Web Site.


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