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By umbetterthanu ·
Okay this is a bit confusing...
I am getting these errors when I boot up
CMOS Settings wrong
CMOS/GPNV Checksum Bad
CMOS Display Type Wrong

It gives me the option to hit f1 for setup or f2 to restore default values. When I hit f2, it just sits at the start up screen ,detects the hardrive and then just sits on that screen, it doesn't freeze, because the cursor is still blinking. I got a new CMOS battery, put that in, still the same errors. I removed the jumper to reset the bios, because I coudlnt' even get into the bios because it was password protected. Now I've hit F2 to restore settings it won't even turn on now.
Any suggestions I would REALLY appreciate it

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by TheChas In reply to CMOS SETTINGS WRONG

Your going to have to perform the clear CMOS procedure again.

This time, when you boot up, you need to press F1 and enter setup.

First though, you need to do a little research.

What CPU do you have.
What is the Front side bus speed?
What is the clock frequency?
What type of video card do you have?
What type of printer do you have?
What drives do you have, and how are they connected?

What you need to do, is MANUALLY set your BIOS settings to the proper values for your system.
The default values are just that, DEFAULTS, they are NOT the correct settings for proper performance of your system.

Among the BIOS settings are:

Date and time
Hard drive and CD-ROM drive settings
CPU front side bus and clock multiplier
RAM speed
Video card type
Ports to enable.
Port settings for the parallel port (if used)
Power management settings
CPU health settings

If this sounds beyond your skill level, you may need to have a friend help you, or take the PC in to a local shop.

If you can post your system hardware details, one of us may be able to walk you through some of the settings in a little more detail.


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by chimpayla In reply to CMOS SETTINGS WRONG

Helloo... This is just my suggestion, Hope this can help. Before you turn it on, please try to check your power supply if it gives a correct voltage to your motherboard. And also the wattage of your power supply. Be sure it gives 300 or up.
Second is, try to update yout cmos.

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I would check on line to find the CMOS settings for your particular motherboard. After you get the settings list for your board you need to get into the BIOS by hitting the delete key right you start the pc. Change the setting to match the ones on your motherboard list and you should be able to get it to start normally. I feel your pain because it just happened to me last week. I found my settings, printed the list and updated my BIOS line by line. I am not having anymore problems. Good Luck...

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