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CMOS settings wrong

By matthewcharbonneau ·
Okay this might be confusing.

I start up my computer and I hit f2 to get to the loading screen for GATEWAY, cuz if i dont hit f2 the computer just sits there at a black screen. Then after the gateway screen loads like half way I get another screen saying CMOS SETTINGS WRONG, hit f1 to setup or f9 for default and to continue. I am unable to hit any key because the keyboard then no longer works. What should I look into for fixing this problem?

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by LMon In reply to CMOS settings wrong

Try resetting your cmos. You can do that by removing the battery overnight.

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by gralfus In reply to CMOS settings wrong

The battery might also be dead if the system is old.

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by dmiles In reply to CMOS settings wrong

I am thinking that you may have a virus of some sort,this is strange behavior for system to boot half way the shows error message.

Use your start up disk to boot system to see if this would work in getting the system running.

First check the system for any viruses,if thers are not any problems then trouble shoot the video card by updating the drivers,also you may want to check the memory modules to insure they are seated properly

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by CharTech In reply to CMOS settings wrong

Most Gateway motherboards also have a jumper near the CMOS battery, look for 3 small pins that will have something like BIOS or CMOS reset printed under them, the jumper is usually on the first two pins, move it to the last two for about 15 seconds and then move it back to its original pins. If the computer still doesn't boot replace the battery as recomended above. Good luck, and next time stay away from Gateways , JK

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by masood_ In reply to CMOS settings wrong

change your motherboard's battery.

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