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CNAME Browsing

By Sean Ross ·

I am trying to use CNAME for fault tolerance. If we loose a server and workstations are mapped to an alias we just bring the new server up and update the CNAME without having to remap workstations.


I have a server called, I would like to use the alias ( is a Winndows 2003 server).

When the CNAME is setup the alias is pointing to

When I try to browse via \\, I get "Windows cannot find \\, check the spelling..."

Is there some sort of group policy on that I have to enable to allow alias browsing. Of course browsing directly to \\ works fine.

The big picture has to do with mapping XP workstations to a fault tolerant CNAME. And of course if you can not whack whack to it, you can not map it.

Any thoughts??

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by BFilmFan In reply to CNAME Browsing

You will nto be able to accomplish this with Cname records which are aliases. You will need to set up a round robin DNS scheme using A records, where you entries would be like in the example below: = = =

Added on as needed.

As a CName record can only exist in DNS to point at one entry, it is impossible to have a fault tolerant Cname.

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YES YOU CAN! hehe...

by oneTWill In reply to CNAME Browsing

"Run" the following command using your "cname":
net view \\cname

Note the response and read the following link!

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good find!

by kenlee514 In reply to YES YOU CAN! hehe...

I've been looking for a solution to this problem.

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