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CNE or MCSE, Which one is better?

By jjohnson ·
I have heard that a lot of companies are not using NetWare, but are using NT or Windows 2000. My job is one of the few places that still uses NetWare. I want to move up in the IT field, so should I go for a CNE or switch and get my MCSE?

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CNE or MCSE, which one is better

by Chaddy In reply to CNE or MCSE, Which one i ...

I suggest you can go for CNE because you still using it and if you plan to switch to Microsoft product later it is an ideal to take the MCSE. The IT field is dynamically changing fast.

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Re: CNE or MCSE, Which one is better?

by jeffm In reply to CNE or MCSE, Which one i ...

You have to ask that question from your point of view AND what's best for your company. If you see your company migrating to a MS platform than common sense says get MCSE certified. If not, than your CNE might be best.

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both cne and mcse

by lanman6 In reply to Re: CNE or MCSE, Which on ...

If you have the time and finances do like i am doing and certify in both. Most companies that I have contracted with run a mixed platform. I would brush up on all netorking OS's and topologies. My network uses linux unix NT 2000 95 98 Novell Sun andeven believe it or not OS/2. Stay current and you are guaranteed an extremely lucrative future.

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Question about CNE or MCSE

by digitald In reply to both cne and mcse

My company uses Novell 32 and they have sent me to a course that actually prepared me for the CNA Certification test. I am one of the 3 responsible people for maintaining 12 Novell 32 servers. I was then tasked with setting 2 NT servers for 2 of oursmaller sites. Since we have no intention of upgrading our Novell but we are installing in new area's thatwe aquire NT and SQL servers do you think it best to get my CNA in Netware 3.12 which is still offering the test and then work towards my MCSE,so I can grow within the companies infa-structure promotion wise. I ask this cause my boss is pushing me to take the CNA sertification test but won't elaborate as to why she feels this is so important she just says get the CNA and then we will talk?I would appreciate any feedback.

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