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    by sumit_acharya ·

    hi to all
    friends i want to know how many companies are working in .NET platform especiaaly using c#.
    If any one knows name of companies then do tell me. so that i can target them.
    thanking you!

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      by ratedx7 ·

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      can you please tell me what is C#.NET? is that the successor of C/C++?

      thank you!

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        by mohn3310 ·

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        According to Microsoft, C# is a language that provides the power of C++ with the simplicity of Visual Basic. And in many ways it does.

        I wouldn’t call it a successor to C++, but it looks very similar syntactically. Actually, it is in many ways more similar to Java – syntactically. We’re doing Java in our University and I’ve had absolutely no problems transfering that knowledge over to C#. So if you know one you’ll pretty much know the other – it’s the larger picture you need to consider – the platforms each one connects to.

        If you want to get involved with C# you should be looking at the .NET Framework and its Base Class Library (BCL) – If you program with C# you’ll definitely be using those classes in your programs.

        Here’s a goodC# site… – They have good concise articles covering specific topics… I’m not sure how useful it will be to a beginner since it doesn’t provide a tutorial – but check it out anyway if you’re interested.

        Personally, I would startwith either C# or Java and then move down to C++, if you’re interested. C# and Java protect you from a lot of things that can really get you into trouble with C++ and development time is much shorter. Ultimately, it’s up to you and your background.


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