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By pardussi ·
I just printed 7 screens consisting of about 4 printed pages each of an important, to me, discussion about archiving important documents. Frequently in most areas of this type, there is a place to select "print" which will display the entire thread displayed for output to a printer. I'm surprised that CNET in all its savvy and sophistication doesn't have that feature ... or am I missing something?

Thanks CNET, keep up the good work!

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A Link to the referred area might help. nt

by OldER Mycroft In reply to CNET Printing Discussion
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Which bit is troubling you?

by seanferd In reply to CNET Printing Discussion

The fact that it is paginated? Yeah, you can't get rid of that. What you can do is to max out the number of posts displayed on a page (25). When logged in, set this in your Forum Preferences (link is in the left side column).

The only view you can change is Forum Display at the top (Tree/Threaded/Flat).

The pagination makes it a pain to refer to earlier posts in a long thread as well, especially when you are trying to offer assistance with complex problems.

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