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How come when I tried to to post this question to CNET: “ My older 19 year old narcissistic tech savvy brother and abusive narcissist tech savvy dad have hacked my phone you know cyber and they’re literally able to see literally everything I do on my devices(iPhone 7 and iPhone XR) from other places and devices and able to see my photos even after I deleted them and texts even when I factory resetted my phone and all the texts got deleted now they’re able to see those deleted texts like after I factory resetted my phone(to try to put a stop to this whole thing and get my privacy back) all the texts I had in there got transferred to some device where my tech savvy brother can now see them which I don’t know how but I know that happened and I’m trying to put a stop to this ASAP because I want this ending as soon as humanly possibly and they’re able to see everything I type(keyloggers, and god knows what else) on my devices so they see what I’m typing right now and this question I’m asking so they’re trillions of steps ahead and I must stop this so how do I put an end to this? Also are there hackers or professionals out there that I can hire and communicate with to put and end this this and help me? And why?” an error page popped up “RUH-ROH 404” and it won’t let me post to that tech forum website? Also my iPhone 7 the phone I’m currently using to post this question since my iPhone XR is out of order for the time being has been running out of battery really fast recently just to let you know it could be an indicator someone did something like install hidden apps or malware.
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Have you tried taken to Apple Store?

by tcavadias Staff In reply to CNET tech forum

Have you installed any malware/virus software and run it to check for anything malicious? Also, Have you tried taken to the Apple Store for assistance?

As for the CNET forum - I am unsure why you would get that error message as I am unable to replicate. If it happens again - please send a screenshot to: as well as OS/Browser type.

- Tammy mug

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