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By Hoops6400 ·
I recently started in an IT job with a fast growing company. I love this job. The only problem is one of my co-workers within the department. He treats people within the department with disrespect and treats me like a child. While I may be young, I am not inexpirenced within the IT field. It is very frustrating when I ask him for help, he talks down to me and generally makes me feel as though I can do nothing right. I have already talked to him about this, but to no availe. I am thinking of talking to our boss, but fear the repercussions this may have. The last person who did this never received any help from this guy afterwards. I feel that this guy could be a great source of knowledge for me, but his attitude just makes it impossible to deal with him. What advice can you guys offer me?

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What ever you do....

by gbrownlee In reply to Co-workers

Don't go over his head. If things are bad now, they are bound to get downright ugly if you do.

He reminds me of someone I know. This person has been in computer sales and service right from day one, is a millionaire now. He only works part time now and holidays alot.

His knowledge is unsurpassed and yet, he won't share it. On the really rare occasion that he does, I am made to feel like a dummy or get a condenscending attitude. Who is he? My older brother.

So you see, even the most likely source of help will not necessarily be inclined to help you. I think people of this mindset are afraid of something or view everyone as a threat.

If your boss is not inclined to help, between all the peers here, you are bound to get an intelligent answer to almost any question you post. So far, it has worked for me.


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Without prejudice

by Oz_Media In reply to Co-workers

Without the intent of offending any of the peers here, i find many people who have this type of knowledge to be exactly the same.

Our attitudes at work are a direct reflection of our ego and our self confidence. For those that have been in IT since day one, the REAL oldtimers I mean, guys that knew computing BEFORE the Vic 20 and MUCH earlier that that even, they have a VAST knowledge of thier art that was aquired by MANY nights at home in thier bedroom or basement, twiddling and tweaking these things like mad scientists. Many of these people even when I was younger were complete shut-ins that got teased and picked on or just plain alienated, except for a courteous smile or nod in the hall because you knew you may need help with math sometime, but only when friends weren't around of course.

Computer geek was a MAJOR insult, it implied you had no social life, no friends and were a dork, weenie, wanker, whatever.

ANYWAY, the people soon showed the world how stupid they REALLY were by bringing the PC into everyone's home and cornering the largest marketing boom, in my lifetime anyway. It was amazing and these once time 'losers' became god's or hero's overnight. (After a lifetime of work that is :) )

SO now you take an loser, who has been bullied and left out of being popular all his life, that all of a sudden is popular, he is in demand, he is GOD! Well the ego goes absolutely wild, these people haven't had the opportunity to develop great social skills due to a life at home or hanging out with other 'nerds'.

It MUST be expected of some IT guys, especially the one's who REALLY know thier sh*t, I know a few of them myself.

Bite your tongue and smile, he's going to teach you infinite amounts of wisdom if you get on his good side. Play his game, ask for his help and play dumb, just remember to learn and put into effect what he shows you, he will soon see your potential and peraps even take you under his wing and get you involved in new projects.

Have patience, today's IT staff all grew up with PC's in thier lives, nobody has been teased for knowing computers or spending hours in front of one, in fact it is quite cool in most kids eyes.

The younger guys will usually be a little better socially, don't expect that from someone who just never had a chance to learn social skills, they learned computer skills instead and now we need them.


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by barnendu.goswami In reply to Without prejudice

You're 99% spot on Oz. They're mostly good people - just lacking some of the social graces. One can learn a lot from these people. They have a lot to give, and are usually keen to teach others. They just don't like leechers. They want someone worthy, who repects the art, and understands (or wants to understand) what it's all about. Don't waste their time. Pay attention to what they teach you, and they will respect that. If you go back and ask this person the same damn question in 2 weeks or something; that'll **** them off.

I owe my own 'proper' beginings in IT to a similar misfit, but was treated well, and once I had the base knowledge, I taught myself the rest. You can learn it all from books or the internet, but it will take you literally months to have the knowledge these people can impart to you in an hour.

Good Luck

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Feels threatened?

by Skidoggeruk In reply to Co-workers

Maybe this guy feels threatened by the new guy.

Maybe he gets off on feeling cleverer than you.

You could try to deflate situations by "taking the mickey" out of him, but this can be a dangerous game. Make sure to poke fun at yourself at the same time.

Perhaps you could try not to allow this person to belittle you. When you need assistance, go to this person, ask the question, try to get the answer as efficiently as you can, then walk away, before he has a chance to fire too many shots. Come prepared for the counter-questions that will be there to catch you out. Who knows, he might end up respecting you. Sometimes you gotta give respect to get it, (even if it rankles?)

Ultimately, its work. Grin & bear it, learn what you can, get in the car at the end of the day, turn the radio up and smile, go have a beer. I know it must be frustrating, but you probably have a happier life than somebody that feels the need to do this to people at work. I imagine everybody else is also aware of what this person is like, so, please try not to take it so personally.

Good Luck anyway

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