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Code of Ethics for Technical staff

By Nefertari ·
Would anybody be willing to share their code of ethics for techncial staff or recommend a resource where I could find 'best practices'?

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by Joey Indolos In reply to Code of Ethics for Techni ...

Look no further than the website you are currently accessing -- Tech Republic! You can use its Search feature (at the top of the page) to search for the many Ethics-related articles it has published over the years. Most of them are articles on specific ethics issues and situations, not the cut-and-dried straightforward list that you seem to be looking for, but you should find enough lists and points to assemble your own. Also, the articles are very helpful in getting you to think about specific issues and thus enabling you to tweak and adjust to make a code of ethics appropriate to your situation and environment.

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by Nefertari In reply to

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by roctanberg In reply to Code of Ethics for Techni ...

code of ethics? I think you are talking about a dead animal after what I have witnessed I am considering doing what ever it takes to make money at a jog in Technology.
I held a job for 2 years at a School District as an assistant network administrator. My supervisor had been there for 5 years before me and I was hired to take his place when he got sick and needed help what I did not know was just how far he went to make money at his job.
This guy didn't know half as much as he claimed his real expertise was in blaming teachers for his screw ups and playing the administration staff against the teachers, he was also the computer sale person to the district over 400 computers and 13 servers were sold by him at a 20% markup from when I was told to get 3 bids for 75 laptops to make up moble labs he was on me for days trying to find out how much the bids were finaly I told him they were sent directly to the district admin he stoped and started to blame me for the network problems. IBM got the bid and do you think he would lift a finger to help install the laptops on the wireless access point every time I had a problem with one or more he would make the comment "that would not have happened if they were nobilis computers". towards the end of my job this year he accused me of sabotageing the network to undermind him. When I started talking laywers things calmed down but they said they had to let me go due to budget cuts.
I read an artical in here about brushing up on your people skills to keep your job well I beg to differ he has none and very little technology skills.
I have over a dozen letters of recommendation from the Dean of Instruction down to the elementary school teachers but it wasn't enough to keep my job.

7 buildings miles apart on one big flat network and he blames student hackers for the slow down in network speed at the meetings.

I to would like to find a place where they have a code of ethics.

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by Nefertari In reply to

Thanks Roctanberg - your situation is very unfortunate! It confirms to me that there should be a code of ethics for all technical staff who have 'elevated' privelges - they need to understand their responsibilities and also there need to be consequences for improper behaviour.

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by Nefertari In reply to Code of Ethics for Techni ...

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