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Codeless web application development for business users

By relias ·
Are you familiar with applications that eliminate coding and programming, geared towards business users, not web developers and that enable the creation of enterprise, database and workflow driven web applications?


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I'm familiar with people who promise that!

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Codeless web application ...

Don't believe them. Either you'll be limiting your development to a set of functions provided by the software. Shifting your development effort to a proprietry (oh this is n't code !) language. Or just as bad ending up with bits and pieces of what you want, then massaging it with in house power user style IT like excel macros et al.

Look at what they offer. Don't become dependant on IT professionals who work for you, become dependant on the ones who work for us. We won't charge you must honest.

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by Shellbot In reply to I'm familiar with people ...

oh ya, it will probably be fine unless you want it to do what YOU want it to do..

customisation and enhancements is where boys like these make thier money..

I'm thinking of getting into the game myself..Implementation Engineer..hahhaha!

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"free from IT"

by Shellbot In reply to yup

Blurb from the website:
"Get a handle on your business. Grow profits.
Stay ahead. Intellect is the first web-based management system to fit like a glove, and adapt to rapid change. Track corporate objectives and projects. Drive daily actions. Change processes and innovate at the point of responsibility and expertise. You are free from IT."

Makes me smile...they are promoting a Human-centric buisness process??

Ok, maybe its just too posh for me..

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I liked One size does not fit all

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to "free from IT"

so buy this stretch to fit glove.

Very old scam, I mean marketing pitch.

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Looked At Siebel

by Wayne M. In reply to Codeless web application ...

I'm not sure of the exact set of tools that the poster might be interested, but I recently did some investigatory effort concerning the Siebel suite for a proposal (we finally no bid the proposal).

For this category of application, while there is no "code development", there is an extensive amount of "configuration" that must be done via very high priced consultants. The approach is largely that of picking best-fit pieces and adapting the corporate workflow to the model (rather than developing a model to fit the corporation). The advantage of this approach is that the result is build on well-defined pieces and is highly likely to meet any regulatory contraints that the base systems was defined for. The downside is that the work will never be inhouse, slowing adaptation to change and probably creating a slew of Excel-based processes covering areas outside of the main application.

I won't give a thumbs-down to either custom development or a configured COTS approach. The COTS approach may not save any money for implementation, the COTS tools tend to be expensive and the developers tend to be high-priced. The overall COTS development effort may be less, although iterative custom development may get some early versions out the door sooner. Testing costs tend to be equal in both approaches and depending upon in-house staff allocations, custom developed software may or may not provide more responsive enhancements.

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sure, but....

by dawgit In reply to Codeless web application ...

yea, even MS is starting to offer something in that line. On every grocery store shelf (over here anyway) You'll see something to do Web'n for you. But you will end up looking for a pro sooner or later. (probably sooner) And you will have wasted your money and time. For a real business it's far more wise in terms of ROI to just hire someone on a contract bassis. (& for tax purposes also)

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throrough planning and investigation

by Shellbot In reply to sure, but....

no matter what you need, research, plan, and get a consultant to help for a couple days!

We contracted (in ROI) for our database & web app...disaster..would have been better using an out of the box solution to be honest.

Thankfully its not my fault as i was hired AFTER this was done, but its now my problem and i think we looking at a partial rewrite..reporting tools to be completely redone..data structure flawed..

(but at least they didn't use Seibel) haha ;\

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I appreciate all the responses...

by relias In reply to Codeless web application ...

Thanks for all the responses so far. I would like to clarify further my question.

I am referring to actual web applications, database driven, with access control, workflow, project management capabilities etc. however, with extreme flexibility and configurability that requires absolutely no programming or technical background or skills.

The goal is to provide an alternative for those who know how to use Excel and feel that it is easy and quick, that there is an alternative that could be just as easy and quick to configure, but that provides robustness, scalability, database capabilities, workflow, collaboration etc.

I hope this helps clarify my question. Thanks again.


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This is not a new idea

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to I appreciate all the resp ...

It's never been particularly successful in the past, and bearing in mind any competent coder could do a fit for purpose, easily maintained turnkey alternative, may be you should look at your sales pitch. You don't have to gamble on whether the developer is competent !

I wouldn't recommend a solution like this to anyone. I know I could do a better fit, I know it would be a lot more efficient because it was a better fit and I know I could tune the better fit to the clients needs.

The more modular, adaptable and configurable you make the system, the more complex it becomes. So you either end up with frontpage themes or C++, strike a happy medium you get the best points of neither and the worst of both.

PS I'm not comparing it to frontpage, that was just a similar member of the genre I literally plucked out of the air. I'm sure the stuff you are trying to sell is much better than that.

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Interneer Intellect truly is the exception

by msteffen In reply to This is not a new idea

I know exactly what you mean. Trust me, Interneer Intellect is not along those lines. The whole point of the system is for it to serve as a platform to build user-friendly, fully-functional business applications. That means that a powerful platform is already in place. From a developers perspective the programming that was required to create this platform is much more complex than anything else on the market. From the end-user's perspective they can build a fully-functional business application to perfectly fit their needs. I know it sounds too good to be true. I know you have seen similar products that are all hype along the same lines. This is not the case with Intellect.

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