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By ssonera88 ·
Some time ago I downloaded Ubuntu and today I downloaded Python. I heard that they're both very good but I'm not sure if they're the same. Do I really need both of them? And how can a n00b like me start getting the hang of coding? I don't need to start programming yet. I just want to become adept at it so then I can understand my cybersecurity study materials better and become an IT professional quicker.
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Re: coding applications

by kbtr1 Moderator In reply to Coding Applications

Ubuntu is an OS, like Windows.

Python is a programming language that you can use on Windows, Linux, MacOS, AIX, IBM I, iOS, iPadOS or others. There are a lot of other programming languages to choose from if you want to make applications.

For me, coding and programming are the same. So it's unclear what you mean you want to learn one and not the other.
And parts of any OS are things that you can call programma also, such as writing a complex Powershell script in Windows or a Korn shell script in Unix.

Since cybersecurity is important both for (building of) applications and for OS'es, you'll need to learn a lot of both for a career in that field.

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Re: coding applications

by ssonera88 In reply to Re: coding applications

Which is in fact what I am doing. I'm studying coding and cybersecurity at the same time because I want a career in the cybersecurity field. I am actually realizing by using them that Python is for programming and Ubuntu is for running applications. Thanks so much!

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