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By samcarter1022 ·
I am trying to create a report that checks to see if a ticket was compelted within a certain SLA. In this case the SLAs are < 6 hours for high and < 4 hours for Urgent tickets.

I have the following already setup, but I can't seem to get the hours right, no matter which way I type them crystal seems to be making up it's own mind as to which falls into which category.

AssignDuration formula:

stringvar AssignDuration;

if IsNull({@Assigned_ACK_DateTime}) then AssignDuration := totext(DateDiff("m", {@AssignDateTime}, CurrentDateTime))

else AssignDuration := totext((datediff ("n", {@AssignDateTime}, {@Assigned_ACK_DateTime})));


SLANotes Formula:

stringvar SLANotes;

if {CALLLOG.PRIORITY} = "1-Urgent" then

if {@AssignDuration} < "4" then (SLANotes := "Within SLA")
else SLANotes := "Out of SLA"


if {CALLLOG.PRIORITY} = "2-High" then

if {@AssignDuration} < "6" then (SLANotes := "Within SLA")
else SLANotes := "Out of SLA"


Any help you can provide would be appreciated.



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