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Coincidence or sheer bad luck?

By GuruOfDos ·
Picture this, boys and girls...

The Guru has a new baby on the way, so he's fired up a few 'homers' to bring in a little extra cash before the happy event. I'll be too busy changing nappies after she's born, so make hay while the sun shines I say!

Anyways, built an XP box for a friends business and tried to hook it into my company network on a spare hub port to do the Windows Update bit. The network is p2p 98 and all works fine with a shared ADSL internet connection, and f&p sharing via NetBEUI (so much faster than TCP). Logged on to the XP box, ran the Networking Wizard, and then saw all 7 other computers on the network. All shares and stuff available in both directions. Tried to go to WU site...IE bombed connection!

Time now, 1am. Ran the wizard again, checked the network settings, IP addresses and luck. Spent until 3am farting around then tried to connect to the Web using the ICS host...nothing. Pulled my hair out until 3.45 and drove home. Intel AnyPoint modem diagnostics said everything was fine with the line, the modem logged on and authenticated...just no Web!!! The last diagnostic test is a ping on the ISP...and that failed! Drove home and got in at just before machine (using the same Broadband company) also refused to connect. Went over to wifes machine...sharing my connection via 10BaseT and signed onto AOL using TCP/IP...connected. Logged off, tried to use IE...nothing! Went back to my machine...4.01am and rebooted. Connected straigt away and up popped TR! Logged onto my telco's portal site and checked status...turns out they were down for server maintenance between 1 and 4 am!!

Has anyone else spent time running round in circles with a bizarre problem like this and getting nowhere, only to find later it WASN'T your fault...just Murphys Law and pure coincidence?

If it wasn't for bad luck...I'd have no f***ing luck at all!

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Love It!

by Oldefar In reply to Coincidence or sheer bad ...

You got my day started with a smile. Been there, done that. Thanks for the great chuckle.

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I've felt your pain

by TheChas In reply to Coincidence or sheer bad ...

I think that we have all been where you were.
(well, perhaps not Collin and Maxwell)

I thought there was a serious problem installing Windows XP until I tried a different monitor.

Seams that my former bench monitor did not support XP's default refresh rate, and went black screen just after the XP splash screen.

I had swapped video cards and re-installed XP numerous times until I stumbled upon the answer.

I've had other instances of similar problems.

Look at it this way, it givesyou another good story to tell if we ever have that TR convention.


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Oh yes !!

by Oz_Media In reply to Coincidence or sheer bad ...

I spent four hours installing Print Shop Pro for a customer once, who had been trying for days to get it installed. Brand new disk from retail box, every time it started installing, it would fail at a different point. Due to the installer, the partially installed software had to be removed before retrying. Some of the partials were so partial that the uninstaller wouldn't work and a manual registry clean and file deletion was needed. Then reinstall would fail at a different point, "rinse, lather repeat".

After much frustration, I finally pulled out the disk and looked at it, it looked shiny clean so I tried it a few more times.
As a last resort, I finally pulled the disk and cleaned it carefully, what do you know....100% installed in five minutes!!
As for the IP thing, I'm contracted to a phone company that provides my bandwidth, I don't hesitate to call them as soon as a connection doesn't work, yes I've been stung for a few hours on that one before too.

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Back-up ISP.

by jardinier In reply to Coincidence or sheer bad ...

I always have accounts with two ISPs, so that if something seems wonky I can log on to my back-up ISP to see if the problem is with the primary ISP. More often than not it is.

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I too....

by GuruOfDos In reply to Back-up ISP.

have several ISP's. AOL and Freeserve to name but two, and the old 56k modem is sat there for dial-up when all else fails.

It was just pure bad luck/coincidence that everything worked just perfectly until just a shade after 1am, and coincided with me setting up the Internet Connection Sharing on the new XP box! So naturally, lack of sleep and frustration addling my brain, I thought I had 'cocked up' (hmm...back to clergy again?)!

Just to continue that thought...

What is the difference between a choir-boy and a *****-boy?

It's in the way they say...."Ah, men!"

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Funniest ...

by jardinier In reply to Coincidence or sheer bad ...

Guru, you are surely the funniest guy I have never met. Your one about "looking down my nose at an American" nearly killed me, but the above reference to "luck" surely matches it. As I am incorrigibly flippant myself, I will see if can come up with some more of my own.
Here's one which my rather broad-minded Anglican priest didn't object to: How do you decline a horny, homosexual clergyman? rector, ******, erectus.

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Clergy and Latin

by GuruOfDos In reply to Funniest ...

I shall pass that one on to my (also broad-minded Anglican) priest...he will love that one...

There are a few 'persistant offenders' especially amongst the 'Roman' fraternity. Their declination could be

Amo, Amas, Am At it again!

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by GuruOfDos In reply to Clergy and Latin

A new curate arrives in the parish, and he's been there about a week, when Father O'Reilly gets called to visit the Bishop. Father O'Reilly asks him to 'hold the fort' for a few days while he's out of town.

"But Father", the curate protests, "I haven't taken a confession yet and I'm a bit unsure of the pennances".

"Oh that's easy!", Fr. O'Reilly replies. "I'll pin up a list in the confessional and that should cover you."

So, the elderly Priest goes to see the Bishop and the young Curate is left in charge. The next morning he's taking confession and a young lady says to him "Father I have sinned! Last night at the dance, I went round the back with Jimmy O'Flannery and gave him a **** job!"

Panic sets in as the Curate looks down the list and can't find '**** Job'...he exits the confessional and goes in search of help. He spots an Altar Boy and says "Excuse me, but what does Father O'Reilly normally give for a **** job?"

The boy replies "Oh well, it depends, but I normallyget $10 and a bag of sweets"...

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Been there, done that.

by PsiFiScout In reply to Coincidence or sheer bad ...

Been there, done that, got the T-shirt.

I lost all connectivity on my home based LAN. I checked every conceivable item... save one.

I remembered, somewhere along the line, that I had been experimenting with a firewall program from McAfee on my "test machine". So I went over and checked the computer running the firewall software, it was set on "Allow Everything". So I decided to shut-down the firewall completely, "voila" connectivity, now life is good, all is right in the heavens, and the firewall software is history.

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