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coke in my laptop

By big_bosa ·
hi guys, recently my freinds son spilled some coke in his laptop, it still works fine but he is scared that it will corrode or damage the components. im familiar with taking laptops apart but am unsure of what to clean the motherboard with. some one has suggested Alcohol. any thoughts

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by TheChas In reply to coke in my laptop

Isopropyl alcohol can be used to clean circuit boards.
I recommend the 90% grade at the drug store. What you wan tis NO additional additives such a glycerin.

Another option is distiled water.

Either way, flush the board liberally with either cleanser.
The board MUST be completely dry before being re-assembled.
Also, follow ALL static precautions. At a minimum, keep a grounded wrist strap on all the time.

At an electrical or electronics supply store, you can find spray cleaners that do a much better job than retail alcohol, or distilled water. I can personally recommend products from Chemtronics, or Tech-Spray.

I would be more concerned about the keyboard itself. The dried syrup can cause the keys to become sticky or refuse to operate.


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by rindi1 In reply to coke in my laptop

I would use a damp cloth (not wet). Alcohol could damage the plastic parts of the notebook. If you want to use distilled water that could work, but you must make sure everything has completely dried up before you use it again.

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by stress junkie In reply to coke in my laptop

I would just leave it alone. I'm a believer in the saying 'If it works don't fix it'. As long as it survived the coke and if everything seems to be working then it will probably still work the day you decide to upgrade to a better unit.

If you choose either answer 1 or answer 2 then be sure to remove the batteries in the laptop before doing anything. You must remove the CMOS battery and the main power battery. And make sure that the machine has been turned off for a while to allow capacitors to discharge.

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by glyall In reply to coke in my laptop

better Coke than Orange soda.
Orange soda it will be dead.
It is a miss to clean up if you can.

TheChas is right on the mark again

Good Luck

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by richard_barsby In reply to coke in my laptop

You may find alcohol will not work.

I strip down the unit to the mobo and wash it under a hot shower with a soft brush like a paint brush and put it some where warm for 3 days i.e. like on top of the hot water tank for the house.

The problem is the acid in the drink will errode the coper tracks and pins of IC's.

I have sucessfully done this with a lot of laptops.


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