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Cold boot problems

By Nick281511 ·
I am haveing cold boot problems. When I first boot from cold it takes about 8 attempts for my pc to boot. I receive the message page saying safe boot / Boot from last good config etc this times out 7-8 times then the pc boots. Following this the pc will warm boot ok. It only occurs when the pc has been off say overnight. I have reseated cards tryed another video card, another HD and now am a little confused as to what it could be.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Cold boot problems

did you run chkdsk /f and defrag from the Recovety Console? if so
the only temperature related thing i can think of is: i wonder if a cold hd is taking long time to spin up or something. is this a newer drive? and an older (motherboard) bios maybe? you could google your drive model number and see if your drive mfg has anything about it. you could update your mb bios and drivers just for grins. you could see if inserting the windows install cd in the drive fixes it at all (easy test for fragmented ntldr file buti have never seen your symptom myself and after eliminating file sytem/media surface problems making an intermittant (??!) read of the say registry files, i myself would immediately suspect hardware, but what? you trid hd. did you try new hd controller?
if you think this is something marginal starting to flake the only suggestion i can think of is to try to make if fail all the way by heating it up and letting it bake...l

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by entawanabi In reply to Cold boot problems

If you get it up again check to see how much drive medium you have left by asking the drive how many mega-bytes are available for use, second ask the same of chip memory.

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