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Cold Boot Problems.

By shantie ·
Weird one. First boot of the day, the computer goes through all the post proceedure, then shuts down, after that you can start it as many times as you like and all is well??
I have replaced the cpu fan and disconected the case fan but still the same. Thought about replacing the power supply but why is it only once a day.
This computer has always had problems.
First - (1 year ago)System kept rebooting.
This happened lots of times before I got it. Found a fault with the case on/off switch.
Replaced case but same problem, replaced motherboard and all was well.
This time her LG Cd rom has died and her LG DVD will not read discs in her computer but will although very very slow, read certain discs in another older computer.
Okay, replaced Her LG drives with a Liteon Combo drive, cleaned the system out and reinstalled XP home and all other software.
Just about ready to send it back and turned it on for last check, started up then shut down.
It was a cold morning. It has now been three days and does the same thing each morning, then works perfectly all day after that.
I thought maybe with the cold mornings that it could be bearings in the fans??
I will change the power supply tonight and see what happens in the morning.
It is probably shut down overnight for about 12 hours.
Just wondering if the CPU could have been damaged with all the original rebooting??
But again why only once a day and in the mornings.
System is AMD Athlon XP 2600+, Asus A7SX-MX,
Cmos date and time is up to date.
Any ideas Thank you

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Cold Boot Problems.

You've got a nasty one there that makes no sence at all. The only thing that I can think of is related to the PS and even then I would say I was clutching at straws.

While I'm no great lover of Athlon's as every one that I touch is nothing but problems even none of them have behaved this badly for me. You could be on the right trqack with the Bearings of the Fans as with the cheap ones they are stinted Bronze and act like a sponge and suck up any oil when they cool down so it's possible that they are producing far more resistance initially than they should and are causing the problem which disappears when the bearings warm up slightly.

Can you try connecting this to a UPS and seeing if the problem persists?

The other thing is the PS is working at its peek rating and the short burst of power drain by the cold fans is causing it to shut down to protect itself from harm. But honsetly I would only be guessing here and I would be looking at the actual voltages when the unit first starts to see if there is anything wrong. Failing that I would attach a CRO to the power rails and see if there is any unnusial spikes being produced which could be causing the PS to shut down. Of course if you don't have a CRO it's far cheaper to replace the PS with a good brand just to be on the safe side, but if you are like me and a Saddist at Heart I would want to know Why It Is So as I'm not happy replacing parts willy nilly without a good reason for doing so.

If you have a Known Good PS you could try that and see what happens but as even the good PS are dirt cheap it's simpler to just swap one out particuarly if you have a heavy workload and don't have the time to waste chasing down crazy faults that make next to no sense.

Lets know if I can be of any help


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

Jut a thought have you made sure that the BIOS is the latest available?

With every AMD CPU that I've ever used I've always found that updating the BIOS seems to help them out of problems that they have.

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by shantie In reply to

Well, for the last two days I have had a new power supply connected and working no problems. I was going to try a new PSU when the problem first started but could not understand the once a day fault. One to remember. Thank you

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by mjd420nova In reply to Cold Boot Problems.

It does sound like a possible power supply fan,
but will be difficult to really nail down.
Replacing the power supply with at least a
100 watt over rating may cure the trouble.

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by shantie In reply to

Yes it was the power supply, thank you

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by TheChas In reply to Cold Boot Problems.

I'm going to suggest that there is a weak solder joint on the motherboard. Or perhaps, a weak or bent pin on a connector.

If you change the power supply, and the problem still exists, I would be willing to say that it is the motherboard.

You can sometimes force a thermal intermittent to show up by GENTLY cooling down parts of the board with freeze spray.

Just make sure that the freeze spray is rated for use on live electronic circuits.


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by shantie In reply to

Sorry but it looks like the power supply, been starting up okay now for two days. Thank you

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Cold Boot Problems.

just a wild the bios set to stop on error, like keyboard error? have you another keyboard you could whip on there just for grins...and mouse also for good measure?
wonder if it is a prblem with the drive, like it doesn't spin up quick the first time. i wouldn't think it would boot up at all if cpu were damaged...i'm with the others that i'd check the power supply out if my suggestions don't seem on target. does you bios let you see the voltage levels. does it start fine if you have a floppy or cd boot disk in there?

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by shantie In reply to

Sorry nothing wrong with bios, thank you

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by OTL In reply to Cold Boot Problems.

On first boot would stop it and see if anything is askew in the bios. Like not identifying the new drive, old HD, amount of RAM, or hardware components correctly and suspect that as the problem component.

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