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    Cold Fusion vs .Net


    by markw ·

    Our company is wanting to update the functionality of our customised database that is hosted on site (SQL).
    It currently is coded using Cold Fusion MX and uses Crystal Reports 9.
    We have spoken to 2 companies so far. One specialises in Cold Fusion (said to upgrade to current version) and the other company we had in recommended converting to .NET.
    I have no experience in either of these programs. I was wondering if anyone had any information/opinions on which would be the better application to use?
    I have looked on the net and have found people talking about the coding advantages for the programmer between the 2 apps but nothing to do with finished program functionality.
    Is Cold Fusion going to be around for a while?
    Which has the better functionality?
    Any information would be helpful, thanks.

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      by markw ·

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      RE: [i]Which has the better functionality?

      by oh smeg ·

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      This is a unanswerable question other than saying the one that suits your needs is the better one for you.

      Cold Fusion has been around for a long time and is well supported by both it’s maker and the developers who work with it.

      .Net is a M$ product to make Microsoft more dominate in the market as they will eventually if unchecked provide all available software and the users will be dictated to by M$ in what it is that can be done.

      As for the question is Cold Fusion going to be around for a while that depends on what M$ does. As they are cashed up right at the moment with the falling through of the Yahoo deal they could try to buy Adobe and kill off Cold Fusion or incorporate it into their existing range of products. It could happen that way but I personally don’t think so and I expect Adobe to be around for a very long time to come as they are hardly new or Fly By Night. Adobe is very big in this part of the market and have been for a very long time.

      What you need to look at is which solution suits your needs better, both will do the job and both will work well. If someone tells you one is better than the other they are likely to be working with the Technology that they recommend so they are biased.

      I would suggest you give a full disclosure to both camps and ask for a quote to do the job and look at not only the price involved but the support that you will get. Currently Cold Fusion is a known quantity for you at least and switching to .Net is a unknown so that may be an issue but honestly both work and perform well. It just depends on what it is that you want here as to which suits your needs better. You may also need to consider the costs of Retraining your staff if you switch so look at the over all costs not just the cost of the job initially without any support as one may end up costing far more than the other.


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