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cold start issues w?win98SE

By Bizzaro Cartman ·
my computer is 1.5 yrs old and has had intermitent issues with freezing during cold start up. I am able to power down and start in either normal or safe mode. At the bigging it happened about 1/3 of the time. Now it is happening 90% of the time.
What I have is:
compaq 5070, 20gig harddrive,64 MB ram,
AMD K-6. My system originally came with 3 gig, 32 MB ram and had the issue then.

Another symptom is that when I play action games, like Rainbow Six, my screen is choppy. Is there anyoneout there to help a brother

Thans for your time and anticipated assistance.


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cold start issues w?win98SE

by csmith In reply to cold start issues w?win98 ...

This is usually the power supply sending the power good signal to the motherboard before the voltages are properly stabilized.
Replace the power supply is the only option when this is the problem.
The choppy video is not related to the power supply problem.
The graphics system is based on the Rage Pro.
It should have no problem with action games. This means there is a lot of other stuff running on the system, and when the OS (Win9 multitasks, it has to switch away from the game.
Try running the game with nothing else running except the volume control. (Pause, or close everything else.) The choppy display should smooth out.
Regards, Chris

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