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By rr-travis ·
Is anyone familliar with Coleman College in San Diego CA? I'm considering going back for my degree and was hoping to find previous students or employeers of students to help me determine if this school produces good programmers or network administrators. Any input would be appricated.

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Don't waste your time and money

by nmjklnm In reply to Coleman College

I live in SD and have been going to Coleman College (La Mesa) for a few years now. In 01? I completed the CAN - Computer Applications & Networking Core program. After that I completed some general credits in the GATE program. GATE is taking Coleman courses on-line. Then this year, I completed another Core program, which was the CIS - Computer Information Science.

You can learn what you learn at Coleman by picking up a book and applying a little effort. Not to mention it costs A **** OF A LOT LESS. The good thing is you get the college credits; bad thing is they are worthless anywhere other than Coleman. The credits obtained at Coleman are Nationally accredited and are non-transferable to most schools (but they fail to mention that when you enroll). You?re basically forced to complete your degree there.

I learned a lot in the CAN program, but that doesn?t say much considering I didn?t know jack prior to attending. They establish a foundation for you to build upon. Majority of what you learn in the first few months is forgotten because it?s accelerated learning. It?s up to the individual to take the foundation and expand it. I acquired 100 times more ?technical? skills after completing the CAN program. They fail to teach things that apply in real world situations.
The CAN program was fairly resourceful and I?d recommend it ONLY to people with minimal or NO computer knowledge. The CIS was a complete waste of time and money to me. I could have done a few FREE online tutorials and learned more. Maybe that?s only because I was ?technically? educated when I took the course. CIS lectures were done with PowerPoint Slides that paraphrased information from the textbook. PowerPoint lectures are EXTREMELY BORING and painful to endure. The instructor reads each slide verbatim from the overhead projector, then hands out copies at the end.

On the surface, Coleman College appears to be a well-organized institute that puts special attention toward teaching the individual. Below the surface, Coleman Colleges only concern is upholding their reputation of outputting ?Quality Coleman Grads?. They practically give you a 4.0 GPA. Anyone with enough understanding to grasp the subject and complete the work is given an A. The day prior to any test, you?re given the questions and answers in what they call a ?quiz?. If they didn?t ?GIVE GRADES?, they couldn?t ?market? students to local San Diego Tech companies. This keeps their reputation notable so they can recruit new ?SUCKERS? into their curriculum.

Truthfully, you come out of Coleman with just as much experience as you would have by reading a few books and doing a few online tutorials?. ZERO, NONE, NULL!! Getting into the IT industry is MUCH harder than they make it sound. And when you do finally get in, don?t expect that advertised 75k salary because it?s more like 23k-25k for the first few years.
Hope this helps a little

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